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ALL SHOOK UP tells the all-new story of a square little town in the middle of a square state in the middle of a square decade where a lonely young girl dreams of hitting the open road. Into her life rides a guitar-playin' roustabout who changes everything and kick-starts a hip-swivelin', lip-curlin' musical fantasy that will have you jumpin' out of your blue suede shoes.

The book is by Joe DiPietro (I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change), with direction by Tony Award nominee Christopher Ashley (The Rocky Horror Show), and featuring such classics as "Heartbreak Hotel", "Burning Love", "Jailhouse Rock", "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Don't Be Cruel". Music direction and arrangements are by Stephen Oremus (Wicked, Avenue Q) and choreography is by Ken Roberson (Avenue Q).

Combining all-time favorite Elvis hits with a whole new story, ALL SHOOK UP is surefire fun for rock 'n' roll rebels of all ages.

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ALL SHOOK UP had its Broadway opening at the Palace Theatre on March 24, 2005 after 33 preview performances and an out-of-town tryout in Chicago.

2005 Drama Desk Award Nomination:
Outstanding Set Design of a Musical (David Rockwell)

2005 Drama League Award Nomination:
Outstanding Actor in a Musical (Cheyenne Jackson as Chad)

2005 Outer Critics Circle Award Nominations:
Outstanding Broadway Musical
Outstanding Actor in a Musical (Cheyenne Jackson as Chad)
Outstanding Actress in a Musical (Jenn Gambatese as Natalie)

2005 Theatre World Award Winner:
Cheyenne Jackson (Chad)

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[13 Aug 2006|07:43pm]

+6 Sweeney Todd
+1 Stephen Sondheim
+3 The Light in the Piazza
+3 Sutton Foster
+3 Jenn Gambatese
+2 Laura Benanti

'Cause I'm all shook upCollapse )
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Jenn in Tarzan on Broadway- Whose exicted? [09 Dec 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Miss Gamby has found herself a new show.


Go Jenn, Go Jenn.

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ASU love---- isnt dead [09 Dec 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

The show may have closed... but the love doesnt end...

I've made two simple icons.. not much, but yeah.

Read more...Collapse )

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The Tour in Denver [31 Oct 2005|06:26pm]

All Shook Up has announced a tour date for Denver: November 8 - December 10, 2006. Yay!!!

More information is here.

Now I just really hope it plans dates for San Francisco!! ♥
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[23 Oct 2005|08:19pm]

Hi everyone! In order to sort of get back the memories of All Shook Up, I was wondering if you guys wanted to write down your favorite quote? I know every time I read a quote from the show, I remember the play a little better. If you just want to write down the quotes as you get them in a comment here, it might stimulate our memories. These quotes don't have to be perfect and it not to see who knows more about the show than anyone, it's just for fun. So enjoy! :)
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FYI [12 Oct 2005|01:22am]

there are a buch a roumers going about about the thing I posted belowe.. all of them have to do with Jenn being involved, just belive what you read on the ebay listing.. don't listen to roums.. people are all over the place with crazy idea.. its just a cool thing to have if you loved the show!
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Jenn and Cheyenne Window thingy for the theater on ebay! [10 Oct 2005|10:50pm]


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[06 Oct 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone have an ASU colorbar? Or know where I can find one?

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Closing [26 Sep 2005|12:53am]

[ mood | sad ]

Got my ticket for the show and went in to sit down. The audience was rather full which was good for a last show! I was sitting in the front row, house right. Justin Patterson and Justin Bohon were often in front of me which was nice.
Anyways, the show was AMAZING! The whole thing was REALLY sad and I think it’s sadder when it’s a show where almost the whole cast is original since they’re so connected to it.
Everyone put 500 percent into it, especially the leads! There was crying throughout most of the show which was really sad to see. Sharon Wilkins was funny before Heartbreak hotel because she has a line about the people there being depressed and out of job’s or something and as she said it she paused and then laughed.
-Apparently Michelle Kitrell was wearing a purple thong and so when she does the faint when Chad first comes in, everyone onstage noticed it. I figured she must have been wearing something odd cause a lot of the cast was laughing (specifically Michael James Scott, Paul Castree, other Michael, and Justin Bohon).
-Jenn Gambatese was sniffly from the beginning line of Love Me Tender.
-Obviously there was a LOT of applause after every song. At the part where Cheyenne is debating on his love for Ed and then asks the audience the question, a lot of people responded right away and he seemed excited by that.
-I saw Leah Hocking watching from the wings a lot, and at one point Curtis was there with his arms around her. She was emotional through a lot of it, and at the end couldn’t even remember her lines so she was like “can someone help me!?” But it was really funny and sad too.
-Mark Price was also very sad throughout it and one of the saddest scenes was when Natalie admits at the end that she doesn’t want to be with him and they were both sobbing. It was heartbreaking.
-I think Jonathan Hadary was originally supposed to be on vacation this week, cause Michael X. Martin was listed as Jim in the playbill since they do that with the understudies. But they had an insert for both of them and then had Jonathan Hadary’s name on the understudy board (which got me questioning at first about the understudy board before I saw the name on it). But I knew the scene between him and Jenn at the end was going to be VERY emotional since Jenn say’s that that’s always an emotional scene to begin with. It was so sweet how he wiped off Jenn’s tears.
-Curtis and Nikki were beyond adorable together. You can tell that they have become really good friends and they have such an amazing/believable onstage relationship! When he carried her off after It’s Now or Never (I think that or another scene), he kept holding her which was so cute. They were both crying during that song and then at the end.
-Sharon Wilkins was SOOO amazing and her song in the second act was beyond words to describe! I didn’t think she could make it any better than what she does, but she DID and a lot of the cast was watching backstage. People in the boxes actually threw flowers onstage for her when she turned it into the powerhouse part and she didn’t end up getting them. But Nikki was cute and ran to get them in the clownhead scene, and carried them around/smelling them until she was able to put them in the clown head.
-Alix Korey was hilarious as Matilda and she added lots of fun riffs. She was also a highlight of the show!
-Cheyenne was great and it was nice to get to see him again after seeing Justin (who of course I adored) and Brad (who was another story…). But seriously, those pants on him are so distracting and it just makes me look at his amazing thighs and I couldn’t take my eyes off them!
-Then there is the ensemble, and I am such a sucker for ensemble people!
-I noticed that Justin Brill’s part wasn’t being covered (since he left…but no swing covered it), and so there wasn’t an extra person in the Now or Never bus. Then cute dancer Michael took his place in Jailhouse Rock and was adorable adding flamboyant dance moves. And then Brad Anderson was the organ player at the wedding.
-Justin Patterson is a fun dancer boy and I got to hear him sing a lot since he was right in front of me. He was having lots of fun during Jailhouse Rock and screaming out random things. Actually the whole cast was having a blast with that song and it was one of my favorites of the night! I also liked the clap dance during Come On Everybody cause I feel like they added extra stuff to it which was fun.
-Before I forget, I was able to hear the cast onstage before the show started and they were dancing around and then did a big “All Shook Up” cheer before it started.
-Julie Reiber is also a fun one to watch, especially with the handkerchief and I could tell that it was being of much use today with the crying and such.
-In the wedding scene I saw all the swings (Randy, Jennie, one of the Sylvia understudies, and then the boy who I think never actually got to go on).
-Then after the finale, Cheyenne made a speech and Stephen Oremus came out along with cast members who had left (Virginia Woodruff, Anika Larsen, and Justin Brill). His speech was so sweet and talked about how all the cast was such a family. I actually noticed Stephen Oremus watching backstage for about half the second act which was cute.
-The finale was AMAZING and they had so much energy put into it even though they were all crying. Justin Patterson was crying which was also very sad to see.

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[24 Sep 2005|02:25pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

So I'm wondering...

Who's going to the show tomorrow? I am, and I know a few other people on LJ are. Just curious!

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Heartbreak Hotel: All Shook Up to close on Sunday [20 Sep 2005|11:07pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

I was shocked by this news... I just saw the show as you all know... Im deeply sad and hope that all you know this was really sudden and Im hopeful the cast will move on.

For more check out---


As for the apperances at Flea Market and Gerswhin Relief Fund show, Im not sure... but I hope they atleast do the relief show...

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Bway on Bway and FINALLY meeting MARK PRICE! [18 Sep 2005|09:47pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Went to Bway on Bway today, it was really cool. ASU did "If I Can Dream", Cheyenne, Nikki and Curtis rocked. Cheyenne wore the ROUSTABOUT shirt and Nikki and Curtis wore "I LOVE DEAN" and I LOVE LORRANIE" shirts kinda like I LOVE NY shirts. It was really awesome. The other shows were good too but I was mainly there for ASU decked out in my ROUSTABOUT shirt. So my meeting spot to meet my aunt was the ASU stage door where I decided, to actually stage door. So I met again Julie, Nikki, Leah. So I was always asking this girl who was there with me if she knew when I'd know when Mark had come to the door. So I was standing there and my aunt came and I was waiting for Cheyenne and Mark. So I turn around and I see Mark coming towards me listening to his I-pod. Im like "OMG!" and I went "excuse me, excuse me" and he pulled off his headphones. And I was like "Can I get a picture with you. I think you're so funny and I love you're dance... its hilarious" and finally got a pic with him. So then waited for Cheyenne and so when Cheyenne showed up he goes "Werent you here last night?" and I was like "Yeah, Im glad you remembered" and he goes "Well, you're very memorable" and then I asked for a picture and then Cheyenne noticed we matched shirts. It was crazy. Im sending them copies of these pics. I've finally met Mark. he rocked.

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ALL SHOOK UP: 9-17-05 (8pm show) [18 Sep 2005|01:34am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well peeps. What can I say- ASU rocks my socks. I went into the theater having seen the show back in June and loved it.

As you all know Jenn Gamabetese is out on vacation. But when I went Leah Hocking was also out and her understudy Jenny Lynn Suckling was on. So I go in and get to my seat, Im front row... like right infront of the orchestra and able to see people on stage and make contact (more that later)

ACT 1:

Love Me Tender- Julie was on, she was really good. Mark as usual was hilarious. I always laugh at the "I have to go get drunk now" line... its hilarious. I finally saw the bride leave in the car.

Heartbreak Hotel- Awesome as usual. Nikki and Sharon always amazing. The dancing is amazing. Like being in Row 0 last time I saw the dance but you feel it when you're two feet from the stage, you get that engery feel. Plus my seat vibrated from the drums.

Roustabout- Hello, Cheyenne rocks.. he's freaking the man. I mean seriously its like the most awesome thing I've seen. I mean he is just freaking amazing. The girls of the enesemble cracked me up when they first see him. Hilarious.

One Night With You- Julie was hilarious. She did alot of Jenn's movements, and adlibs, that make the song hilarious. The reprises had the audience laughing.

C'mon Everybody- Clapped my ass off. Sang alittle. But it was cool to be able to see so close up just how awesome the change from dull to alive is. I mean they really do come alive when he touches the jukebox.

Follow That Dream- Julie was awesome. Cheyenne as always was right on. He seriously was just on. When he did the "I've been with alot of women" line, he pointed at the lady next to me and she like blushed. Ironically her husband and her moved seats later. How strange

Teddy Bear/Hound Dog- Jenny Lynn was amazing vocally, not so good in the acting department, she seemed kinda weird. Like she wasnt fully prepared. (How many times has she actually gone on?)--- Cheyenne, Julie and Mark were right on and awesome. I die everytime Cheyenne says "When I see a hott woman who digs hott art, I say hott diggity", it cracks me up.

Thats All Right- Mark made the crowd laugh with his nerdy "Thank ya very much" and Sharon and Nikki rocked it. The ensemble has changed alittle since I was there in June, but they still have Justin Patterson, my favorite ensemble male ensemble and Trisha Jeffery is my favorite female ensemble although Cara Cooper may have stolen it (you'll see why later)

(You're The) Devil In Diguise- Alix is so evil, she is just.. Ah, you just wanna slap her. Poor Curtis being thrown around like some rag doll. Alix was hilarious. The crowd laughed at the fake flames. I as the ASU Super Fan went wild. Can I officially be called the ASU Super Fan? Nah, Liz beats me. Love ya Liz.

Its Now or Never- I love this song, Nikki and Curtis are just too cute. Its just amazing. I love the bike, its just so cute and Ah. She's too cute- I 3> NIKKI (why... you'll find out) and I noticed Brad Anderson was on the bus, I recongized him from Bryant Park.

Blue Suede Shoes- Julie looked so funny in all Ed's stuff, her beard looked really real though. Justin doing his blue suede shoeing, always a good one. Cheyenne rocked it.

Dont Be Cruel- A new glasses girl has come to town, she is very good, I believe I met her but Im not sure. But otherwise, John and Cheyenne hit it! The "COOL" makes me die.

Let Yourself Go- Leah's version rocks. Jenny's verison was pretty good. She doesnt really have Leah's "Im so classy" thing, she seems really too snobby. Its kinda weird. Me and my stautes, love those statues.

Cant Help Falling In Love- My favorite song in the song, its so pretty. When the wall between audience and cast is broken during the final part, I love it. Cast rocked it.

During intermission when playbill collecting and bought a poster for stage door. Also talked to some people who enjoyed the show and might come back.

All Shook Up- Awesome. Its like the title song, I mean come on. Cheyenne and his gutair. It was awesome. Julie was on, she was quite good at being Ed.

Its Hurts Me- Mark Price is a star PERIOD. I mean this song is so heartful and touching you feel bad for him like I know what happens and before I did, I felt bad for him.. but I know good things go Dennis's way....

A Little Less Converstation- Woah. Julie rocked. She was into it, just insane. I love that song, its truly the moment where Natalie just has had it with Chad not noticing her feelings and even as Ed she expresses them well.

The Power of My Love- This song makes me laugh just because John and Cheyenne are so clueless in the beginning. Jenny was good, but I missed Leah.

I Dont Want To- "OH ED, I'VE NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE", Oh how I love this crazy number. Cheyenne was so freaking hilarious. Him on the merry go round. Oh. my. god. I died laughing.

JailHouse Rock- Got good applause and had people clapping. This is most deff for the Elvis fans in the audience because its so true to form of the movie. Cheyenne and ensmeble rock it.

There's Always Me- Sharon is a star. This song proves it. She sang her ass off again. She is just awesome- not just cause she's the "WHAT BABY" lady from Two Weeks Notice.

If I Can Dream- I love this number because truly If you can dream you pretty much can do anything- date interacially, fall in love with you're sidekick whose really a girl deeply in love with you--- yah know the small stuff. Cheyenne, Nikki, Curtis rocked. The flying motorcycle angels- HILARIOUS. I love them. Them and the statues--- my friends that whats life's all about.

Cant Help Falling In Love (reprise)- Hilarious. Only comment- GO JOHN JELLISON and "SON YOU'RE A BLACK MAN"- HILARIOUS.

Fools Fall In Love- Julie nailed it. Truly great. She is so awesome. Jenn has one awesome understudy. She was so upset and all like Jenn was. Its awesome. Go Julie.

Burning Love- The cast rocks. That song is where I made contact with Nikki, she saw me singing along and clapping and kept smiling at me and being really awesome. Alix flipped her fan at me.

The encore of C'mon Everybody- strong, rocking, crazy fun.

Standing O for Cheyenne from me.

Stage door- *BEST EXPERIENCE ever!*

Went to stage door and I began to notice people remembering me. Justin remembered me and told me it was awesome I came back. Cara Cooper comes out and goes "I had so much fun watching you Mr Front Row" and I kept laughing. Julie was really nice. So were John Eric Parker and Micheal Cusumano. As always Trisha was sweet. So Nikki comes out and goes "Hey Mr. Front Row, singing along, clapping and all, I was watching you" and I was like "This is my second time" and she goes "Obviously" then I told her about our plea and she said that it was really awesome. Cheyenne came out. He remembered me. He told me he thought our plea was great and to keep going. Alix was awesome too. Jenny Lynn ran by, she apparently was meeting her husband. No Shows included John H, Sharon, and Mark. I met Sharon and John before but Mark P still aludes me, WHY MARK WHY!

ASU rocks one and all and thats what its all about. The crowd was really good. I'd say about 70- 85% the mid mezz and orch were rocking. I'd say this weekend was good for the show. Im planning on a third trip when I can get back up here again. Basically people- If you wanna laugh, If you wanna sing along, or clap- come see ASU.

Its offical- IM IN LOVE--- IM ALL SHOOK UP.

*Mr Front Row*

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Hurricane Relief Efforts [13 Sep 2005|07:35pm]

The cast of All Shook Up will be performing at a benefit for Hurricane Katrina relief on September 25th along with many other Broadway stars. Tickets are between $100 and $300.

More information here!
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Cheyenne Not Doing "Ace" Anymore [13 Sep 2005|07:01pm]

Monley Replaces Jackson in NAMT Musical Ace, Sept. 26

I don't know if any of you were planning on seeing this for Cheyenne, but due to scheduling conflicts, he's not going to be in it.
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REMINDER [13 Sep 2005|10:07am]

Jenn and Cheyenne are going to be on 'All My Children' performing 'Follow That Dream' tomorrow on ABC.. The show is on at 1pm here in the NYC area! So set your TVO's and VCR and whatever else so you don't miss it! YAY
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I got bored [12 Sep 2005|04:57pm]

and now this is my icon on bww.com lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[12 Sep 2005|12:33pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Return to ASU [11 Sep 2005|12:09am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I am going back to see ASU on September 17th, If anyone else is going that night or is planning on attending Bway On Bway, please let me know and maybe we can meet up

By the way- On Broadway Box- a new code for ASU good thru October 31st- 50 dollars tixs for all pefromances. The code is SAVE8. I got AA Orch seats thanks to the code.

This was long ago but went to see ASU @ Bryant Park, it was really good. People prolly have posted reviews and stuff, but Jenn, Leah and them rocked. Brad was there instead of Cheyenne but its really cool.

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Justin Patterson as Chad! [09 Sep 2005|09:30pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Okay, so this is, well, really late, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I saw Justin Patterson as Chad for a second time (this time I went specifically to see him perform; I saw him on May 12th by chance, and became a big fan almost instantly.) on Tuesday, and thought I'd post a little review. It's basically copied and pasted from my journal, so, um, please excuse the fangirl-y-ness. (Because that's a word.)

Hands shake, knees weak.Collapse )

Hope I didn't bore you too much. :)

♥ Stephanie

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