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Hi everyone! In order to sort of get back the memories of All Shook Up, I was wondering if you guys wanted to write down your favorite quote? I know every time I read a quote from the show, I remember the play a little better. If you just want to write down the quotes as you get them in a comment here, it might stimulate our memories. These quotes don't have to be perfect and it not to see who knows more about the show than anyone, it's just for fun. So enjoy! :)


there are a buch a roumers going about about the thing I posted belowe.. all of them have to do with Jenn being involved, just belive what you read on the ebay listing.. don't listen to roums.. people are all over the place with crazy idea.. its just a cool thing to have if you loved the show!


Got my ticket for the show and went in to sit down. The audience was rather full which was good for a last show! I was sitting in the front row, house right. Justin Patterson and Justin Bohon were often in front of me which was nice.
Anyways, the show was AMAZING! The whole thing was REALLY sad and I think it’s sadder when it’s a show where almost the whole cast is original since they’re so connected to it.
Everyone put 500 percent into it, especially the leads! There was crying throughout most of the show which was really sad to see. Sharon Wilkins was funny before Heartbreak hotel because she has a line about the people there being depressed and out of job’s or something and as she said it she paused and then laughed.
-Apparently Michelle Kitrell was wearing a purple thong and so when she does the faint when Chad first comes in, everyone onstage noticed it. I figured she must have been wearing something odd cause a lot of the cast was laughing (specifically Michael James Scott, Paul Castree, other Michael, and Justin Bohon).
-Jenn Gambatese was sniffly from the beginning line of Love Me Tender.
-Obviously there was a LOT of applause after every song. At the part where Cheyenne is debating on his love for Ed and then asks the audience the question, a lot of people responded right away and he seemed excited by that.
-I saw Leah Hocking watching from the wings a lot, and at one point Curtis was there with his arms around her. She was emotional through a lot of it, and at the end couldn’t even remember her lines so she was like “can someone help me!?” But it was really funny and sad too.
-Mark Price was also very sad throughout it and one of the saddest scenes was when Natalie admits at the end that she doesn’t want to be with him and they were both sobbing. It was heartbreaking.
-I think Jonathan Hadary was originally supposed to be on vacation this week, cause Michael X. Martin was listed as Jim in the playbill since they do that with the understudies. But they had an insert for both of them and then had Jonathan Hadary’s name on the understudy board (which got me questioning at first about the understudy board before I saw the name on it). But I knew the scene between him and Jenn at the end was going to be VERY emotional since Jenn say’s that that’s always an emotional scene to begin with. It was so sweet how he wiped off Jenn’s tears.
-Curtis and Nikki were beyond adorable together. You can tell that they have become really good friends and they have such an amazing/believable onstage relationship! When he carried her off after It’s Now or Never (I think that or another scene), he kept holding her which was so cute. They were both crying during that song and then at the end.
-Sharon Wilkins was SOOO amazing and her song in the second act was beyond words to describe! I didn’t think she could make it any better than what she does, but she DID and a lot of the cast was watching backstage. People in the boxes actually threw flowers onstage for her when she turned it into the powerhouse part and she didn’t end up getting them. But Nikki was cute and ran to get them in the clownhead scene, and carried them around/smelling them until she was able to put them in the clown head.
-Alix Korey was hilarious as Matilda and she added lots of fun riffs. She was also a highlight of the show!
-Cheyenne was great and it was nice to get to see him again after seeing Justin (who of course I adored) and Brad (who was another story…). But seriously, those pants on him are so distracting and it just makes me look at his amazing thighs and I couldn’t take my eyes off them!
-Then there is the ensemble, and I am such a sucker for ensemble people!
-I noticed that Justin Brill’s part wasn’t being covered (since he left…but no swing covered it), and so there wasn’t an extra person in the Now or Never bus. Then cute dancer Michael took his place in Jailhouse Rock and was adorable adding flamboyant dance moves. And then Brad Anderson was the organ player at the wedding.
-Justin Patterson is a fun dancer boy and I got to hear him sing a lot since he was right in front of me. He was having lots of fun during Jailhouse Rock and screaming out random things. Actually the whole cast was having a blast with that song and it was one of my favorites of the night! I also liked the clap dance during Come On Everybody cause I feel like they added extra stuff to it which was fun.
-Before I forget, I was able to hear the cast onstage before the show started and they were dancing around and then did a big “All Shook Up” cheer before it started.
-Julie Reiber is also a fun one to watch, especially with the handkerchief and I could tell that it was being of much use today with the crying and such.
-In the wedding scene I saw all the swings (Randy, Jennie, one of the Sylvia understudies, and then the boy who I think never actually got to go on).
-Then after the finale, Cheyenne made a speech and Stephen Oremus came out along with cast members who had left (Virginia Woodruff, Anika Larsen, and Justin Brill). His speech was so sweet and talked about how all the cast was such a family. I actually noticed Stephen Oremus watching backstage for about half the second act which was cute.
-The finale was AMAZING and they had so much energy put into it even though they were all crying. Justin Patterson was crying which was also very sad to see.
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