Kim dances foxtrot to Pink Panther at DWTS

Here’s a message from to all of her fans as the Season 7 of the Dancing With The Stars begins.

Hey guys,

I wanted to check in and let you all know that I had so much fun last night on the first DWTS episode!!!

I just loved watching everyone dance! I came in sixth place according to the judges with a score of 19.

Mark and I danced to the “Pink Panther” theme song, so we thought black-and-pink costumes were very fitting.

Tonight we are going to do the mambo!

I hope you watch, and I also hope that you vote for me!!!
Polls open at 8pm tonight! You can vote online or call 1 800 VOTE 410 (1 800 868-3410).



Naomi Campbell V54 By Mario Sorrenti

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a great photo and it almost makes me forget the Gisele cover-disaster. Viktor and Rolf collection has found a brilliant way to integrate in reality through Naomi.

If it wasn’t for the Sorrenti photographic genius, this picture would’ve been completely grey-ish and that’s it. But that sky behind, those buildings and especially Naomi’s posing (I don’t discredit the coat, by all means, it’s at least half of the picture’s value!) make it almost a novel, not an image. Can you read the story between those pixels?

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Daniel Radcliffe To Star in Miami Vice Remake

Miami Vice was a popular television show from 1984 to 1990. It was remade as an unsuccessful theatrical movie in 2006. Hollywood has decided to recast the series and make it as a television movie. If it is successful, it will also be a possible pilot for a new series.
In the newest version, also to be set in the 1980's, the lead character will be played by teenager Daniel Radcliffe (star of the Harry Potter films). Instead of living on a boat with a pet crocodile named Elvis, however, he will live in a penthouse apartment with three ferrets (named Sophie, Rosie, and Spaz) that provide comic relief.
His partner in this will not be a black cop/detective. She will, instead, be a 400 pound bearded woman known only as J.B. (to be played by the cross dresser Divine.)
The new show will not take place in Miami, but instead will film at a nude beach in France. Miami will be the name of the nightclub/strip club where the two stars hang out after work.
Instead of being officers in a Vice Squad looking for sex offenders, drug dealers, etc., they will be Vice Principals at an all girls school for wayward teens (aged 18 and 19).
Network Executives believe that they can have the show on the air by September, if they ever get back from their over-extended "casting and location scouting" trip to France.

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Celebrity Rehab doctor apologises after Cruise remarks

Dr Drew Pinsky, the Celebrity Rehab therapist, has apologised after questioning Tom Cruise’s mental health.

Pinsky, who treats substance-abusing celebrities such as Brigitte Nielsen on the reality show, questioned why Cruise had been "drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology" while being interviewed for the July issue of Playboy.

"To me, that’s a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood – maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect," he added.

Pinsky, who hosts the syndicated US radio show Loveline, has since issued an apology through his representative.

"Dr Drew meant no harm to Mr Cruise and apologises if his comments were hurtful," it read.

However, Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields has reacted angrily to Pinsky’s remarks, calling him a "posturing flake".

"This unqualified television performer, who is obviously just looking for notoriety, is so grotesquely unprofessional as to pretend to diagnose Tom and others without ever meeting them," he told the New York Post newspaper.

"He seems to be spewing the absurdity that all Scientologists are mentally ill. The last time we heard garbage like this was from Joseph Goebbels."

The war of words has continued, with a new statement from Pinsky’s representative stressing that he "meant no harm".

"Although Mr Fields’ intent is clearly to slander and discredit Dr Drew, under no circumstances is Dr Drew making a blanket diagnosis about Scientology nor Mr Cruise whom he does not know," he said.

"Dr Drew was simply using Mr Cruise as an example of someone who is recognisable to help the public understand."

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Ashlee Simpson's and Pete Wentz' Wedding...Alice in Wonderland??

hi everyone...i wanna know what everyone thought about Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wetnz WEDDING!!???  I read that they had a Alice in Wonderland theme!!  its kinda odd with like black roses as her flowers and decoration flowers!! why would you want black flowers for your wedding in the 1st place??  is that sane??  i thought weddings were suppose to be colorful and happy!!??  hahha....I'm just amazed at someof these celeb's!! really!  they have so much $$$ that they don't know what to do  so they just have to go be odd!! just odd!!!  the only thing i liked from all the pictures and the story was Ashlee's engagement ring!!  LOL LOL    yup! thats about it!!  and what must Pete Wentz say about this whole Alise in Wonderland theme thing??   what do you guys think??? any opinions??? like to hear it...or have i just gone mad??!! LOL
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Hair Makeunders

Does it look more like Barbie doll hair than hair that grows from your head? Can your color best be described as white, black, yellow, or a screaming red? Do your roots show in a week? Then you probably need a hair color make-under.
Most hair color make-unders often go hand in hand with hair style make-unders. Usually extreme coloring requires so much styling, hair products, blow drying and curling irons that you end up with an old fashion hair do, or should I say a hair don’t. This makes any woman look way beyond her years. Who wants that? TIP - If your hair takes more than 15 minutes to style, you probably need a hair make-under. Hair color and texture that looks like it grows from your head is always the most flattering. I am not saying that everyone should be au naturel; I am saying that your hair should look effortless, even if it requires a little work.
A black hair beehive works for Amy Winehouse, but not too many other women. Maybe it’s the multiple tattoos that make the hair color work. Coloring your hair black is the biggest beauty faux pas. Once hair is colored black, it is almost impossible to remove it. Black color is always flat, covering all the natural nuances of your color. Even people born with black hair should pick a slightly softer shade when it comes time to coloring their hair. Darkest brown is a much better choice. This color will soften your features and you will look years younger.
Going in the totally opposite direction but equally hard to wear is platinum blond. This color washes out your complexion similar to grey hair and makes your face disappear. Make up is not an option with platinum color, it is a requirement. Skipping red lips and smoldering eyes will most often leave you looking like Casper, the ghost. White blond hair is also the most invasive hair coloring. Your hair condition will definitely be in an altered state. Note how almost everyone with platinum hair wears a short style or fakes the look of long hair with extensions. This isn’t a coincidence. Platinum hair often has a considerable amount of breakage with each touch-up.
Bright yellow hair is another difficult color to wear. It clashes with most skin tones, looks totally artificial, and makes almost everyone look post forty, even if they are in their twenties. Color that looks like it came from a bottle gives the impression that you are covering dreary, dull, grey color. A more subtle shade with subtle nuances of color is usually more flattering and always more natural looking.
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No making up? Lancome takes Uma Thurman to court

It’s getting ugly between Uma Thurman and Lancome.
The French cosmetics titan is suing the "Kill Bill" beauty to stop her from trying to sue them for $1 million.
She claims the company is using her old Lancome ads on Asian Web sites and a Canadian billboard without permission.
The company says it’s not at fault.
Thurman, fresh off seeing an obsessed fan locked up this week for stalking her, contends Lancome kept using her ads for the Miracle cosmetics line long after she ceased being the face of the company. She wants a hefty payday for that.
"Look at the huge free benefit Lancome gets from using her," lawyer Bertram Fields said. "The French want to accept that benefit without paying for it."
Sacre bleu! replies Lancome.
It filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court, saying it never "knowingly or intentionally" used Thurman’s image and that the Web pages were "inadvertently archived" and never meant to be publicly available.
The company wants the court to declare Lancome did not violate Thurman’s contract, and, therefore, she isn’t entitled to any money.
"[Lancome] pulled the pages off as soon as they found out about them," said Peter Raymond, a lawyer for Lancome. "They didn’t even know they were there."
The 38-year-old "Pulp Fiction" star signed on as the face of Lancome in April 2000, earning $5.8 million for the first two years of the deal and $3.1 million, if exercised, for two option years.
The contract expired in 2005.
In a letter to Lancome last week, Fields wrote that "$100,000 is not a reasonable settlement offer or anywhere near a reasonable settlement offer."
"Obviously, the French have decided they won’t even try to resolve this amicably," Fields said. "So they have filed this sneak attack."
Raymond countered that Lancome is "always amenable to settling."
The suit was filed days after a Manhattan jury convicted love-struck ex-mental patient Jack Jordan of stalking and harassing Thurman with rambling letters, e-mails and phone calls.

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