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We all know how much you love being mixed! And we know how much you love showing off your family, so here is a place to do it!!

This is a community to introduce your mixy-ness and show off your siblings as well as all of your other family as well. It's a photo community as well as a place to just let off some steam...

This is an open community so anyone and everyone is free to join, even if you're not mixed and just want to show off your family, friends and loved ones!!

The only rules are as follows.

Opinons are allowed, but out right racism is not. Be warned, this is your only warning, you will be banned.
Be curtious, dont suck up, but if you have some not so kind words about someones appearence, keep it yourself, no one wants to hear a meanie.
Do not spam my community with crap from rating communities, this is NOT a rating community.
Please introduce yourself.
Make the lj cut your best friend if your post is long and full of photos.

Please be happy, post pleanty and if you have any comments, suggestions or troubles please contact me *notafukinitem at lpkhy@imazn.com and the very lovely livingisanart at Maria55757@cs.com