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_all_degrassi_'s Journal

Everything Degrassi
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WELCOME TO _all_derassi_
This is a community with everything degrassi...everything is allowed...spoilers, pictures, episode disscussions, quizzes, song names, opinons on old and new episodes, opinons on characters,you can make degrassi claims really anything degrassi related we can even role play if you want!

1.Be nice
2. spoilers should be under a cut becuase not everyone wants to see them and make sure u label the cut spoilers.
3. If you have more then 5 pictures or icons put them under a cut becuase it floods peoples friends pages.
4. Make sure to credit creators of icons,headers,FO banners,backround ect.
5. Make sure to promote
6.Make sure on all fan fics u put down the rating and if it is rated "R" or "NC-17" to put it behing a cut.
7.Dont get mad at other peoples opinons on episodes or characters because they are intitaled to their own opnions.
8.d0nT tYpE lYkE dIs....its annoying
~~If you dont follow the rules you will be warned you break them again and your banned

Fill this out once you join
How well do you know degrassi-
Who is your favorite character-
What was your favorite episode-
What couple is your favorite-

**promoting other communities is aloud*

promote our community everywhere!