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Craige [07 Feb 2011|02:01pm]

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I'm a new [24 Apr 2007|08:47pm]

Hello! I' m from Russia. I was growing up with Degrassi. I have all series old Degrassi(degrassi junior hight). But in Russia "Degrassi: next  Generation" isn't  shown. :( But I so want to see it!
How well do you know degrassi-well
Who is your favorite character- Spike and Joy(I don't know how write his name. He was in hat all time.)
What was your favorite episode- When Spike recognized that  she is pregnant
What couple is your favorite-Caitlin and Joy
Sorry for my English:)
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degrassi junior high? [28 Dec 2006|05:00pm]


can someone tell me is this is from the Junior high or High era?
also the name of the episode?
I don't recall ever seeing this one...
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possible spoiler....this season [15 Dec 2006|06:02pm]

[ mood | blah ]

what are all of the episodes that have aired this season???

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[06 Nov 2006|01:54am]

Hey guys,
I just started watching Degrassi over the summer, when the n had all of the episodes from the beginning. Problem being, I got about halfway through the episodes before I had to leave for college, and I really miss the show. I am just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to download the shows or a site that would have links? I want to start from the beginning, so I don't know if there's a resource like that for the show or not, but if there is it would be awesome if you could help me out!!
Name- Nancy
Age- 21
How well do you know degrassi- not very well
Who is your favorite character- Emma
What was your favorite episode- umm not sure
What couple is your favorite- i don't really have one quite yet...
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[10 Oct 2006|04:46pm]

Degrassi bases, comment and credit if taking!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Interested in a new Degrassi SL? [19 Aug 2006|04:36pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Then come join Whatever It Takes at degrassi_wit! We are a very new, season 4 based storyline with many characters still currently open. We are looking for an active, mature storyline and we want you to be a part of it! If you're interested in playing someone besides Sean or Emma, please take a look at our userinfo. If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to send an application our way. We hope to hear from you soon!

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[19 Aug 2006|01:08pm]

Okay, so I just finally got up to date with Degrassi again, since I fell out of the episodes last summer. So, I was just wondering if anyone could fill in the holes for me?

- I know that Emma and Chris have long been broken up. But, how did it end? And where in the Hell did Chris go off to?

- & I also know that after Ashely and Craig split up for the final time, Ellie tried to go after Craig to no prevail and that Craig ended up falling back into Manny. But, I have been notified that they have also ended ('cause Spinner and Manny are dating now?) ...

so, how did THEY end for the last time?

- Finally, WHERE IN THE HELL DID THIS DARCY CHICK COME IN? And what happened to her and Spinner?

Thank you. I need all the help I can get. ;x
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Accidents Will Happen [18 Aug 2006|08:37pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Tonight, on The N at 10 pm eastern time, they will be showing "Accidents Will Happen" which has not aired here in the U.S. until tonight. I am so excited i cant even control it.  I am sooooo Tivioing it.

Well i just had to share that. Ttyl.

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What year? [02 Aug 2006|01:30pm]

[ mood | curious ]

What year did Degrassi start, becuase I've been watching since Snake was a little boy? I'm 45 and still watching.

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[27 Jul 2006|11:16pm]

How well do you know degrassi-i live and breathe degrassi. if you ask me any question or say anything that is in an episode, i can tell you what the episode is called and some possible lines from that episode. im a loser!
Who is your favorite character- manny
What was your favorite episode-"Accidents Will Happen" "Our Lips Are Sealed" "Jagged Little Pill"
What couple is your favorite- sean/ellie

hey. im obsessed with degrassi. does anyone know where there are degrassi quizes online to test your knowledge??
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[18 Jul 2006|08:44pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Malibu: Malibu is Beverly Hills on a beach. A place built on money, power, and prestige. So do you think you can handle Malibu?

The Residents: The teenage residents of Malibu are blessed with great looks, power, and huge trust funds. Well, most of them anyway. Some are outsiders brought to this elite town because of unusual circumstances. These select few rarely fit in. To fit in you need to have the hottest new luxury vehicle, the coolest clothes, and go to the best parties. Your appearance and your repuation is very important. So is your family name. Most parents let their kids do whatever they want as long as they don't tarnish the family name. And these kids take full advantage of their freedom.
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Hi :) [12 Jul 2006|01:42pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Name: Cassie
Age: 15
How well do you know degrassi: Pretty well, I've seen every ep. about 3 or 4 times at least so...
Who is your favorite character: All of them.
What was your favorite episode: The Lexicon of Love and Time Stands Still
What couple is your favorite: Paige/Alex and Marco/Dylan

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[03 Jul 2006|09:29pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Anyone can be popular.
It takes guts to be a complete social outcast.

Can you handle The Geek Clique?

Come prove yourself at _degrassicsrpg:
One of the largest, most active Degrassi RPG Communities on LJ!

Desperately seeking a JT & Danny.
[as well as Jimmy, Hazel, Tim, and other non-geeks]
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Season 6 [10 Jun 2006|12:29pm]

I posted this before but I don't think it came out right.. so here it is again

For Immediate Release - June 7, 2006

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I can't wait
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[09 Jun 2006|09:13am]

[ mood | confused ]

is tonight the season finale or the series finale. 

i'm confused.

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Alex and Paige [08 Jun 2006|06:27pm]

Well the community rules says anything is allowed and i am very upset right now. Paige and Alex breaking up? Paige kissing Spinner?

I loved Paige and Alex as a couple and feel it should have lasted longer than it did. I am upset. How does everyone else feel about it?
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Questions [06 Jun 2006|10:54am]

Name- Minxi
Age- 17
How well do you know degrassi-  Well, I've only been watching it for about a year now, but I think I know it very well.
Who is your favorite character- Hm, hard choice. Paiger or Marco.
What was your favorite episode- Where Alex and Paige became a couple.
What couple is your favorite- ALEX AND PAIGE!
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hey.. [02 May 2006|11:14am]

What does everyone think of the new episodes so far....
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FanFiction [30 Apr 2006|01:35pm]
For anyone thats iterested, I am writing a Degrassi fanfiction. I am posting it in the journal falling_quickly. It is for the sole purpose of the fanfic. Comments welcome!
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The Lexicon Of Love [16 Apr 2006|12:26am]

[ mood | confused ]

Name- Sam

Age- 20

How well do you know degrassi- Well enough I suppose..

Who is your favorite character- Pagie and Alex

What was your favorite episode- Recently, Lexicon of Love

What couple is your favorite- Paige and... Alex :P OR marco and dylan

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Newbie [06 Apr 2006|09:19pm]

I love degrassi...

Possible SpoilerCollapse )
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[01 Apr 2006|11:36pm]

How well do you know degrassi- Very Well
Who is your favorite character- Alex, Emma, Paige, Marco
What was your favorite episode- White Wedding, Gangsta Gangsta (all but the end)
What couple is your favorite- Sean and Emma

I Love Degrassi!!!!! But I love Sean and Emma more, they were the only couple that made me get all happy and believe in love, because I believe that they are true love.
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Hey Everyone... [28 Mar 2006|02:14pm]

[ mood | happy ]


I'm new to the fandom. I'm Sami, 16, UK and I am hooked on the show since seeing Our Lips Are Sealed. It was the story that got me really hooked. I quite like the show, I'm currently working through season 2 as it doesn't actually show here. :(

I made a board set in season five if anyone's interested. Emma, Marco and Tim are taken.

I love Emma, Sean, Craig, Ellie and Terri!


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New Member [28 Feb 2006|05:43pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Name- Belinda
Age- 13 (going 14 in March)
How well do you know degrassi- Pretty well.
Who is your favorite character- Hmm... Craig ^^;; (He has cool guitar skills), Alex, Ellie, Marco.
What was your favorite episode- I can't decide... I love ALL of them.
What couple is your favorite- Not too sure... Alex and Paige are actually a pretty good couple.

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woa, i'm new. [10 Feb 2006|06:01pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Name- Allison Woods
Age- 14
How well do you know degrassi- not very...
Who is your favorite character- mr.raditch
What was your favorite episode- the first. emma almost gets raped. =o
What couple is your favorite- um... none.

i know squat about degrassi. but my dad... is mr. raditch. really. dan woods = my dad. B)
so. you can all love me. and i'm not even kidding. he's really my dad. even though he quit degrassi a long time ago... he's still mr. raditch.
i've been an extra on the show before. you know that episode where the laptops were stolen? well when mr raditch is talking to sean beside the car, you can see the top of my head over mr. raditches shoulder =o
that means i've been on the set. and i ate lunch with the cast. i ran right into the guy that plays jimmy when i was getting Dads cell from his little room with the futon. =o
everything on the show is filmed in one building.

i own degrassi scripts. white versions, yellow versions, blue versions ect. B)

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Degrassi Graphic Novel's [12 Jan 2006|01:05am]

I'm part of myspace and am a friend of the Degrassi account that is on there. Today they mentioned the Degrassi Graphic Novel's that are coming out in October. Does anyone else know any information about this? I guess the stories are going to be about the things we don't see like summer vacations and inbetween episodes.
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[05 Jan 2006|10:45pm]

New community!

Charmed, Naturally

A Lauren & Adamo Icon Challenge with two seperate challenges per week; one of Adamo, & one of Lauren. Our first two challenges start Friday, January 06...join now!
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New Member [05 Jan 2006|04:08pm]

Name- Laura
Age- 20, I guess I'm kind of an oldie to be in love with this show but I am.
How well do you know degrassi- Pretty well, I have the Degrassi book and the complete Junior High collection and I'm getting TNG DVD's pretty soon.
Who is your favorite character- Craig, Ellie, Alex, & Marco
What was your favorite episode- I liked the ones with Jay & Silent Bob but I've really liked them all from season 5.
What couple is your favorite- I wanted Craig & Ellie together but that doesn't look like it will be happening. If things work out for Paige & Alex I think that they would be a cute couple.
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[28 Dec 2005|01:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Name- Sasha


How well do you know degrassi-Pretty well i guess

Who is your favorite character- Pagie

What was your favorite episode- West in girls

What couple is your favorite- Spinner and Paige

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