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Hello! I' m from Russia. I was growing up with Degrassi. I have all series old Degrassi(degrassi junior hight). But in Russia "Degrassi: next  Generation" isn't  shown. :( But I so want to see it!
How well do you know degrassi-well
Who is your favorite character- Spike and Joy(I don't know how write his name. He was in hat all time.)
What was your favorite episode- When Spike recognized that  she is pregnant
What couple is your favorite-Caitlin and Joy
Sorry for my English:)

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Hey guys,
I just started watching Degrassi over the summer, when the n had all of the episodes from the beginning. Problem being, I got about halfway through the episodes before I had to leave for college, and I really miss the show. I am just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to download the shows or a site that would have links? I want to start from the beginning, so I don't know if there's a resource like that for the show or not, but if there is it would be awesome if you could help me out!!
Name- Nancy
Age- 21
How well do you know degrassi- not very well
Who is your favorite character- Emma
What was your favorite episode- umm not sure
What couple is your favorite- i don't really have one quite yet...

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Okay, so I just finally got up to date with Degrassi again, since I fell out of the episodes last summer. So, I was just wondering if anyone could fill in the holes for me?

- I know that Emma and Chris have long been broken up. But, how did it end? And where in the Hell did Chris go off to?

- & I also know that after Ashely and Craig split up for the final time, Ellie tried to go after Craig to no prevail and that Craig ended up falling back into Manny. But, I have been notified that they have also ended ('cause Spinner and Manny are dating now?) ...

so, how did THEY end for the last time?

- Finally, WHERE IN THE HELL DID THIS DARCY CHICK COME IN? And what happened to her and Spinner?

Thank you. I need all the help I can get. ;x
Born To Dance

Accidents Will Happen

Tonight, on The N at 10 pm eastern time, they will be showing "Accidents Will Happen" which has not aired here in the U.S. until tonight. I am so excited i cant even control it.  I am sooooo Tivioing it.

Well i just had to share that. Ttyl.
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