Tishniek Massacre

Borat: I do a picture, only small, of Tishniek Massacre, where many Uzbek crushed.
New Age Guy: How did you feel when you did this?
B: Very proud.
NAG: Very proud?
B: Yes.
NAG: I'm just listening with sadness, a little sadness for your people.
B: Yes, no, it is not sad. It is us who do the kill.
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Does anyone remember the episode on politics, there was this funny part in the begining when ali g is like: politics, studies show that whenever young people hear this word they immediately turn away....i wish someone wouldve told me before i got these big f**king letters (zooms out to show POLITICS written huge in the background)

the whole episode with borat on etiquette is hilarious, at the end of the dinner when he is saying bye and hes like..YOUR FAAAAAT..YOUR TIIIIINY..i was cracking up for like 5 minutes.


Nuff Respekt! I absolutely LOVE Ali G. He is hilarious, especially as Borat, my favorites being when he went to the dating service and when he sang "Throw The Jew Down The Well". Post more later. Booyackasha!