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We love them

Oh yes, we do

We Pat Alex Martin. And Other Cute Boys As Well
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is dedicated soley to recognising cuteboys. It is mostly intended for a small group of friends, but if you have any information concerning a cuteboy sighting, please join and post immediately.
ace, alex martin, alex wellington, andrewgilbertmorse, bobby, braxton, brett lg, brian, bruce, cherd, christopherscottledeux, cuteboy cory, cuteboy erik, cuteboy matt, cuteboy scouting, cuteboys, dinky, gazing at alex martin, jakewartell, jaredmichaeldonisvitch, johnmichaelpatrick, kevin long, kurt cobain, mathewmichaelauger, mikejones, nash, patting alex martin, sam and dave george, sean, sid vicious, skinny boys, tony