Why'd you implode?

Today I gave Alex Martin the bracelet that Alexis made for him. He said he was the Happiest Boy on Earth. Then in history, Andrea and I made Alex Martin pretty notes. He was so excited, I could see it in his eyes. I love him so.
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Go on, take everything, I dare you to.

Today, Alex Martin was online. I talked to him. It was so exciting. Here is our conversation (his identification has been kept private due to our confidentiality code):

sloppyslOtgretel: hello alex martin i have a crush on you
Alex Martin: hi
Alex Martin: you are so weird
sloppyslOtgretel: no i am not
sloppyslOtgretel: you are a cuteboy
Alex Martin: wow
sloppyslOtgretel: did you look at it?
Alex Martin: yeah
Alex Martin: your pretty cool
Alex Martin: i know
Alex Martin: i have my own website
sloppyslOtgretel: me go
Alex Martin: your creepy
sloppyslOtgretel: no i am not johnathan alexander martin
sloppyslOtgretel: i want to go to alex martins website
sloppyslOtgretel: do you eat tripe?
Alex Martin: nope
sloppyslOtgretel: but i want to go to your website
sloppyslOtgretel: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrtdjud7t84
sloppyslOtgretel: hi alex martin i love you
sloppyslOtgretel: do you know which one i am?
Alex Martin: yeah
sloppyslOtgretel: no you do not
Alex Martin: sure
Alex Martin: why not
sloppyslOtgretel: because you smell like poop
sloppyslOtgretel: but you are still cute
Alex Martin: thanks
sloppyslOtgretel: you are so very welcome extremely cute boy
sloppyslOtgretel: so johnathan alexander martin
sloppyslOtgretel: what are you doing on this fine evening
sloppyslOtgretel: ALEXMARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU OKAY??????????????? ARE YOU LOST????????????? SHOULD I CALL AN AMBULANCE??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Martinsigned off at 7:24:03 PM.

That was the best incounter in which I had with this lad all day. I also patted him on an average of 4 times and I resisted gawking at him during lunch. What a disgrace!
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Even in his youth

Well this morning I caught Alex Martin right after he got off his bus. I patted him all the way to the building when another cuteboy, Sean, approached me. I was distracted from Alex Martin for two seconds and he must have gotten lost or something because, he vanished. There are no cuteboys in my English class, but Sean is in my math class. Then cuteboy Erik sat with us at lunch. He ate all my pretzels. No cuteboys in computer. But in studyhall- thats another story. I sat with Sean and Kyle With Black Spikey Hair and ALEX MARTIN. It was extrordinary. Alex Martin has fork bracelet and I am determined to own it. I will get that bracelet if its the last thing I do.
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Hello fellow cuteboy-scouters. We need pictures of cuteboys. Please post them with names and prefferabley with phone numbers or other contact information. Anyone is welcome to join and write about cute boys.
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