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Go on, take everything, I dare you to.

Today, Alex Martin was online. I talked to him. It was so exciting. Here is our conversation (his identification has been kept private due to our confidentiality code):

sloppyslOtgretel: hello alex martin i have a crush on you
Alex Martin: hi
sloppyslOtgretel: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_alex_martin_/
Alex Martin: you are so weird
sloppyslOtgretel: no i am not
sloppyslOtgretel: you are a cuteboy
Alex Martin: wow
sloppyslOtgretel: did you look at it?
Alex Martin: yeah
Alex Martin: your pretty cool
Alex Martin: i know
Alex Martin: i have my own website
sloppyslOtgretel: me go
Alex Martin: your creepy
sloppyslOtgretel: no i am not johnathan alexander martin
sloppyslOtgretel: i want to go to alex martins website
sloppyslOtgretel: do you eat tripe?
Alex Martin: nope
sloppyslOtgretel: but i want to go to your website
sloppyslOtgretel: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrtdjud7t84
sloppyslOtgretel: hi alex martin i love you
sloppyslOtgretel: do you know which one i am?
Alex Martin: yeah
sloppyslOtgretel: no you do not
Alex Martin: sure
Alex Martin: why not
sloppyslOtgretel: because you smell like poop
sloppyslOtgretel: but you are still cute
Alex Martin: thanks
sloppyslOtgretel: you are so very welcome extremely cute boy
sloppyslOtgretel: so johnathan alexander martin
sloppyslOtgretel: what are you doing on this fine evening
sloppyslOtgretel: ALEXMARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU OKAY??????????????? ARE YOU LOST????????????? SHOULD I CALL AN AMBULANCE??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Martinsigned off at 7:24:03 PM.

That was the best incounter in which I had with this lad all day. I also patted him on an average of 4 times and I resisted gawking at him during lunch. What a disgrace!
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