You love to drink.

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Welcome to the Drinkers' Community.

Here you can:
+ Share a good experience that you had with alcohol.
+ Share pictures of yourself while inebriated (PLEASE under an LJ-Cut.)
+ Make jokes related to alcohol. If they are not funny, then people will make fun of you, which is probably why you're an alcoholic in the first place.
+ Make posts while you are drunk. Please do not be so drunk thzmt youx taip shet liek thizddfx.

This is not a support group. If you have problems with drinking or any form of substance abuse, this is not the place for you.

You do not need to apply. That's fucking stupid, because alcohol doesn't judge you. Sober people do.

But... As a first post, it would be nice if you could include the following information:

Drink of choice:
Share your best drinking experience:
Share your worst drinking experience:
Why did you start drinking?

There are no age boundaries here, regardless of whether or not you are legal in your country or not. Everybody is capable of making their own decisions. Except for 12 year olds. Go away.

I allow community promotions, unless they're out of hand. You can even promote support groups all you want.
Do not promote stupidity: Don't ask if someone can buy booze.

And as always, be safe.