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_akatsuki_'s Journal

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Alright! A few of us got together and decided to create an icon journal/community. Thing is there are only 9 members who are able to post in this community, but of course all are welcome to join and are able to use the icons if they wish to.

Though some of you may realize the name of this journal/community _Akatsuki_ is from the anime/manga Naruto but this community does NOT only feature Naruto icons, but icons of anything the members who have been granted posting access wish to create and share, anime, video games, movies, anything. ^__^

And of course no community is complete without a set of rules for the members to go by. So here they are!

RULES of Akatsuki

1. Of course #1 rule of an icon community would be to credit the creators of the icon if you decide to use it in your icons Keywords.

2. Be considerate of the creators, no flaming! Absolutely not. If you do, then you will be kicked out of the community. Will this really be a problem? We hope not.

3. If you did not credit the creator properly and they request that you do, please do it. Is it really that hard?