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So... tired...

A new batch! I just felt like making icons. They could be better. I was tired. :( I need new snapshots.

TOTAL: 12;

Orochimaru x [2]
Hinata x [2]
Itachi x [1]
Temari x [1]
Haku x [1]
Neji x [1]
Sasuke x [1]
Sakura x [1]


Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist) x [1]
Juuhachi-Gou (Android 18; DBZ) x [1]


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It's been a while. How are you guys? I hope you're all well! I just made a few icons, so I figured I'd post them here, as well as naruto_icons. I just made a new layout, and I was in an icon-making mood, since I was only using 31 of the 50 I can use.

2 x Haku
2 x Sakura
2 x Neji

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Long Time No Icons, eh?

Well yeah it's been awhile since anyone posted anything here hm? Especially me. So here I go!

I have a total of 7 icons! =D
[01] .hack//: Balmung
[01] Fullmetal Alchemist: Envy
[01] Tales of Symphonia: Kratos
[04] Tales of Symphonia: Zelos


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Just the usual rules:
1. Comment if taking any.
2. Credit. =)

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o god

icons i hav been makin

[7] Shingetsutan Tsukihime
[6] Naruto
[2] Midori no Hibi
[4] Xenosaga
[4] Full Metal Alchemist
[4] Evangelion
[3] Azumanga Daioh
som others too!!

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(no subject)

Four icons, thirty-three bases. Potential spoilers for episodes 22, 23 and previews for 24 of Chrno Crusade and episode 86 of Naruto.

Chrno Crusade
[x01] Aion/Ion
[x01] Azmaria
[x10] Chrno
[x04] Chrno & Rosette
[x05] Joshua
[x02] Remington
[x10] Rosette
[x01] Satella

[x01] Haruno Sakura
[x02] Tsunade

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