a veritable hotch-potch of obsessive writing

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Good evening, kids.

This is my community for all my various fanfiction stories... I can't be arsed to put them on ff.net much any more, as the reviewers do get a bit bitchy over there, and so thought this would be ideal.

I'll also start posting up some artwork, though it's not very good, I need a place to keep it!

The fandoms I have so far written stories for are:
- The Lord Of The Rings
- House MD
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Star Wars
- Harry Potter
- Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry

But I tend to try my hand at anything I'm interested in at that particular moment... so, you never know, you might get lucky and find something here you haven't been able to before. Then again, maybe not.

So basically this is just my place to put any and all fics I write, some will be in your interest, some won't. I definitely appreciate feedback, if anyone wants to give it.