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Moments series - Ecstatic

Title: Ecstatic

Author: ailcia 

Rating: Some swearing, not much.

Summary: Happy Stephen is the best kind.

A/N: Yes, I know two fics in one day is may be classed as a little obsessive! emcee_mana  wanted fluff and the boys being adorable: hope this suffices!


"AHA! THERE you are!"

Stephen looked up at the shout, an expectant grin on his face. He knew that noise.

There, across the quad, was Hugh. The tall rower was hurtling towards him, ridiculous black ceremonial robes billowing out behind him as he ran, fighting to get through the crowds. Stephen's heart leapt at the sight of the long legs and arms whirling - for someone usually so graceful, Hugh was an incredibly untidy runner.

Stephen laughed aloud, a wild happiness bubbling within his heart as he saw that the dear boy's mortar-board flew off in his haste, and the bit of paper ceritifying his graduation followed close after it - but Hugh didn't seem to mind, appearing solely concerned with closing the distance between himself and Stephen as rapidly as was humanly possible.

Perhaps his brain, in an effort to conserve and memorise every precious second of this joyous occaision, had automatically slowed down events for his own enjoyment.... because in actual fact, Stephen had very little time to react to the initial shout before his arms with filled with Hugh's warm body, as he threw himself into Stephen's embrace.

His nose filled with the welcome scent of Hugh, as strong arms were wrapped around his head and he was drawn into an enormous bearhug. Stephen laughed giddily, the sound somewhat muffled by Hugh's shoulder, and hugged him back just as fiercely - god, he had missed this wonderful man. He could here Hugh chuckling somewhere to the right of his head.

"You did well, then, I trust?"

Hugh pulled back, and Stephen saw his eyes were wide like a child's on a particularly fruitful Christmas day, they shone with this amazing, dazzling light that made Stephen incredibly happy to be alive all of a sudden. A silly grin was plastered right across his face, dimples prominent and teeth gleaming white. Stephen was so mesmerised by how beautiful Hugh's face appeared at that moment, that he didn't have thought enough to avoid the hard punch that was thrown immediately at his chest.

"Ooof! What the fuck?" He stepped away from the violent maniac previously known as Hugh Laurie, and stared wide-eyed at the trembling ball of tension before him, rubbing the centre of his chest.

"You would have known how well I'd done if you'd have kept in touch!" Hugh shouted, pointing an accusatory finger at him, the wild smile still in place. "You just buggered off at the end of term!"

Stephen laughed again, but felt the beginnings of shame, "Oh, I'm sorry, Hugh, my dear... my parents whisked me off to France."

"Oh, that's right! I forgot that they don't have telephones in France," the younger man folded his arms threateningly within his robes, tapping a finger on his lips.

"Of course they do, you sarcastic git," Stephen admitted sheepishly with a blush creeping up his neck.

After looking around, he pulled Hugh away from the babbling crowds of other brand-new graduates by his elbow, down one of the stone archways of the University. They walked in silence, until they came to a more secluded spot where they stopped, Hugh looking up at him expectantly, eyebrows raised. Stephen sighed, and took off his own mortar, rubbing his head. This was difficult and dangerous.

"The thing is, Hugh, is I wasn't sure how you felt about... about, well, what happened between us... at the end of last term."

Stephen didn't risk glancing up to see Hugh's reaction, instead just focused his gaze with all his might on his shining black leather shoes, and the robes swishing about his kneecaps. He was dreadfully embarrassed, and annoyed at himself for obviously ruining Hugh's previous good humour.

Suddenly, he was pressed up against the stone wall, and Hugh Laurie was kissing him. No, he mentally corrected himself, Hugh Laurie was tonguing him.

Hugh's warm lips enveloped his own, and Stephen was given one of the most passionate and amazing kisses he had ever had the pleasure of receiving. Hugh's arms wound behind his back and pulled him closer, and the strong, athletic body of his best friend leaned into him. His stomach did somersaults inside him, his throat tightened and warm fire sparked in his groin.

And Stephen had never, in his whole life, been any happier.

Without warning, angels sounded their harmonious heavenly chorus in his head; he saw stars and outer planets behind his eyes; he drank sweet nectar from the gods; he swam in the deepest, warmest ocean and basked in the most glorious sun. Stephen felt dizzy and hysterical and thought he were about to burst with happiness. He had wanted this - committed in full sobriety - for so long, he could not remember a time when he had not wanted his best friend in this manner. When they'd spent that drunken night together months ago, he thought his dream had come true, only to find, upon waking, how awkwardness poisoned every amazing memory of the previous evening.

He had been so cross with himself for ruining the best friendship he had ever known.

But now.... none of what had gone before mattered. This was it - perfection. He knew, deep inside him, that this was the beginning of something he would not be able to appropriate in words. He would remember this day, this one moment of stolen ecstasy. He knew, somehow or another, he knew this would change his life forever. He ran his hands through Hugh's curly hair, and delighted in the moan of pleasure from the other man which reverberated within his mouth.

A fantastic hand teasingly ran up the inside of his pinstriped thigh, and Stephen was suddenly jolted into the impression he had died and gone to a better place, a paradise filled only with this wonderful man. The hand found it's mark and rubbed, delightfully delicate strokes which promised much, much more. Stephen's body responded accordingly and, as he returned the pleasure, he felt Hugh's do the same. This was glorious.

Hugh pulled back again suddenly. A feral look in his eyes and a smile that screamed 'SEX' at Stephen was all that was needed. "Do you have any idea what an entire summer feels like when you are desperate to do that?! It's utter hell!" Hugh asked, panting slightly, a rosy tint in his cheeks and eyes aflame.

He grinned again as Stephen's melodious laugh suddenly filled the archway and echoes loudly around the grounds, and wrapped his arms around him once again.



A/N: Was that what you wanted, my lovely? Please let me know what you thought, everyone who read!

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