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Have been ignoring this place for quite some time, as am a lazy sod... so I am now updating it.

Ignore... just me housekeeping! 

Boosh icons post
drawing - Howard T. J. Moon
fic - Hiding
drawing - Howard and Vince
fic - Valentines Answers
drawing - Slash Boosh
fic- Touch
fic - Hot and Cold
drawing - Tundra Vince and Howard
fic - Electro Femmeslash
painting - watercolour of The Hitcher
fic - Uplifting

The Mighty Boosh/Stugh moodtheme

fic - Words
fic- A Question Of Wanting It
House screencaps - Migrain ep
fic - Despised Love

multi-fandom icons

That should about do it!
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [05 Mar 2006|09:24pm]

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Art: House MD [30 Jan 2006|09:42pm]


Just because House is calling to me....

House MD a la biroCollapse )

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YESSSSSSSS! [24 Jan 2006|11:54pm]


[mood| ecstatic]

To celebrate my triumphant return to the fair lands of the internet, do have ONE HUGE MUTHA of an icon post!!! XD

The Mighty Boosh - x14

Peter Cook - x9

Stephen Fry and/or Hugh Laurie - x9

Rik Mayall and/or Ade Edmondson - x7

Dylan Moran - x4

David Tennant - x3

David Thewlis - x3

Chris Langham - x2

League of Gentlemen - x2

Misc (x1 of each): Rhys Ifans, Alan Davies, Paul Bettany, Vic Reeves and Mark Lamarr, George Harrison

When you were doing something important, like sitting down!Collapse )

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Moments series - Ecstatic [08 Jan 2006|08:57pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Title: Ecstatic

Author: ailcia 

Rating: Some swearing, not much.

Summary: Happy Stephen is the best kind.

A/N: Yes, I know two fics in one day is may be classed as a little obsessive! emcee_mana  wanted fluff and the boys being adorable: hope this suffices!

EcstaticCollapse )

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First 'Moments' fic [08 Jan 2006|01:37pm]

[ mood | working ]

Title: Breakfast.

Author: ailcia 

Rating: Not very. lol

Summary: First in the 'Moments' series of short stories... the boys have breakfast, nothing out of the ordinary. Seriously, nothing happens.

A/N: For molegirl, who wanted everyday Fry and Laurie at breakfast time! Hope you like.... and I'll get on to everyone elses' soon! Unfortunately I wrote it before finding out you wanted fluff... well, it is sort of fluffy, and a little bit of tame smut! Hope this doesn't cross the line into sheer dullness!

BreakfastCollapse )

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An oddity that I rather like.... [04 Jan 2006|10:04pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Okay, so I spent the past hour or so drawing a Fry and Laurie comic. Odd, I know... but bear with me.

A comic adventureCollapse )

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Some Stephen Fry icons! [04 Jan 2006|12:25pm]

[ mood | cold ]

A few Stephen Fry icons (with a couple of Hugh thrown in), largely for molegirl  who prodded me into making some for her!

Feel free to nick, but do comment first!Collapse )

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[03 Jan 2006|01:25pm]

In the words of Alcie, 'Clicky please, chaps'

Ho ho ho. Was up until the wee hours of the morn' with this little beauty. It's a dreadful video showing Alcie's fear of muppets. Set to music from 28 Days Later. Hahahahaa... anyway, you can tell by the lame attempt at pretentious indie international film-esqueness. I was very tired. Ahaha...

Yeah. Well. Ho ho ho...
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Another icon post! [03 Jan 2006|12:23pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Another icon post abound... more scatty, this one!

Hugh Laurie and/or Stephen Fry: 8

The Mighty Boosh: 7

Dylan Moran: 3

Rik Mayall and/or Ade Edmondson: 3

Peter Cook: 2

Bill Bailey: 1

Mark Lamarr: 1

Paul Merton: 1

Vic Reeves: 1

Reece Shearsmith: 1

And... CUT!Collapse )

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Fry/Laurie fic [03 Jan 2006|10:20am]

[ mood | busy ]

TITLE: An Argument

AUTHOR: ailcia

WARNINGS: A lot of swearing, but that's it.

SUMMARY: An argument between the boys.

A/N: First confrontation fic in this fandom, so be gentle with me. Was prodded into doing this by thymeth, so all blame gets forwarded! Let me know what you think!</span>

An Argument...Collapse )

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[02 Jan 2006|10:16pm]



Remind you of GCSE science, much?Collapse )

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EURGH [02 Jan 2006|10:14pm]


A woman we all know, adore, and worship.


Remember the 'red rope of love'?  Fucking idiot.

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Doodles [02 Jan 2006|10:10pm]


Some rubbish she actually did dash off in three minutes during economics.

Star Wars, a bit of Boosh and some ... er ... others?Collapse )

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Vince Noir [02 Jan 2006|09:59pm]


One she'll probably dismiss as something she dashed off in three minutes during economics.

Which, to be fair, she probably did.Collapse )

Cow.  *Glare*

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Mmm... [02 Jan 2006|09:54pm]


A picture she drew for me of 'Sev', ahem, Severus (Snape, of course) as a young man.  Yum.

She snorted as she wrote his nameCollapse )

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On to the real stuff [02 Jan 2006|09:48pm]


A picture that Ailcia drew for me for my 18th.

The one that made her blush.Collapse )

God, she's good.

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This is Alcie, isn't she pretty [02 Jan 2006|09:41pm]


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Ahaha, Hugh Laurie/Eddie Izzard [29 Dec 2005|05:24pm]


Here you go, molegirl. What do you reckon? More Hugh than Eddie?</span>


Ooooh, Eddie Izzard or Hugh Laurie?Collapse )

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Icons [29 Dec 2005|02:38pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Okay, first icon batch.... new and improved icons (because I've fiddled about with the ones I road tested before).

Stephen Fry and/or Hugh Laurie   x10

Bottom   x7

The Mighty Boosh   x10

Dylan Moran   x5

Jonathon Rhys Meyers   x1

League of Gentlemen   x2

Peter Cook  x1

Dave Tennant   x1

Misc.   x1

Icons ahoy!Collapse )

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