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To celebrate my triumphant return to the fair lands of the internet, do have ONE HUGE MUTHA of an icon post!!! XD

The Mighty Boosh - x14

Peter Cook - x9

Stephen Fry and/or Hugh Laurie - x9

Rik Mayall and/or Ade Edmondson - x7

Dylan Moran - x4

David Tennant - x3

David Thewlis - x3

Chris Langham - x2

League of Gentlemen - x2

Misc (x1 of each): Rhys Ifans, Alan Davies, Paul Bettany, Vic Reeves and Mark Lamarr, George Harrison

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First 'Moments' fic

Title: Breakfast.

Author: ailcia 

Rating: Not very. lol

Summary: First in the 'Moments' series of short stories... the boys have breakfast, nothing out of the ordinary. Seriously, nothing happens.

A/N: For molegirl, who wanted everyday Fry and Laurie at breakfast time! Hope you like.... and I'll get on to everyone elses' soon! Unfortunately I wrote it before finding out you wanted fluff... well, it is sort of fluffy, and a little bit of tame smut! Hope this doesn't cross the line into sheer dullness!

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In the words of Alcie, 'Clicky please, chaps'

Ho ho ho. Was up until the wee hours of the morn' with this little beauty. It's a dreadful video showing Alcie's fear of muppets. Set to music from 28 Days Later. Hahahahaa... anyway, you can tell by the lame attempt at pretentious indie international film-esqueness. I was very tired. Ahaha...

Yeah. Well. Ho ho ho...
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Another icon post!

Another icon post abound... more scatty, this one!

Hugh Laurie and/or Stephen Fry: 8

The Mighty Boosh: 7

Dylan Moran: 3

Rik Mayall and/or Ade Edmondson: 3

Peter Cook: 2

Bill Bailey: 1

Mark Lamarr: 1

Paul Merton: 1

Vic Reeves: 1

Reece Shearsmith: 1

And... CUT!Collapse )

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