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Hi people, I was just looking around on our myspace page and wanted to say merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, Kwaanza, etc. I was reading some of your comments and felt all nostalgic and sad. So just wanted to say thanks again for being such a great group of people. I miss you guys!!
As for updates, not much new since the last one... the ebay store is still going though not as insanely as before... we still have a ton of stuff left! The dudes are good, Ariel Mile has some cd release shows coming up in January for when their EP comes out. That should be fun, hopefully I'll get to go. Gabe is becoming a remodeling genius, gutting his new place and redoing everything. As for me... all your requests for more music make me think maybe I should keep singing...? We'll see, I'll keep you updated on creativity as soon as it happens.
Once again, I just felt like writing to everyone and saying thanks, and hope everyone is well and having a good holiday season. Drink some egg nog for me!!

Love M
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hey guys, i have a tsunami bomb shirt that i haven't worn in at least a year (partially due to it no longer fitting, thanks boobs). i bought it when i saw them in september 2003 and it's black with "tsunami bomb" written on the front in white and wings printed on the back. it's a girl shirt, size small, and i'm trying to sell it for $9, including shipping. i can take pictures if you want to see it. i've probably worn it 5 times the entire time i've owned it.

thanks :]
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Hi everybody, how're y'all? (<--easiest way to address 27,000+ people at once...)

So since we intended to use this myspace account as our new mailing list, I figured I'd drop you all a line and let you know what we of Tsunami Bomb are doing now. But before I tell you that, I wanted to let you know that our new merch store is in full swing! We had to take down the old store because we weren't able to update it, so we made an eBay store to sell the rest of the stuff we intended on taking out on tour. You can check it out at and you'd better hurry! Once it's gone, it's gone!
As for what we've been up to... Gabe is a master woodworker in the heart of downtown Petaluma, and he drinks at least one robust cup of coffee a day, if not a whole pot. Jay is basically the new manager for his & Matt's band, Ariel Mile; he just got them a small record deal. He's also working on his alt/country band, Go Mexico. Ariel Mile is in our "Top 8", so you should check them out. I didn't look up Go Mexico yet, but they probably have a myspace account too. Matt has been slaving away at adding you all as friends every day, while simultaneously cultivating a smorgasbord of edible plant life in his backyard. Lettuce, basil, arugula, eggplants, garlic, onions, tomatoes... the list goes on and on. I've been running the mailorder store, sending out packages like mad, making friends with the people at the post office. Yay!
So, if you guys want to fill all our work schedules even more, you can send us a ton more messages and orders, and check out Ariel Mile, and maybe order some custom kitchen cabinets from Lindeman Woodworking. Or how about a rocking chair? Those are nice for the winter.
I hope everyone's doing well in life and having a particularly good day today, since apparently we gave a lot of you a pretty bad day a few weeks ago. Cheer up, and always look at the bright side of life!

Thanks for reading,

Death Dealer

No Good, Very Bad Day

And with that a chapter of my life ends. Tsunami Bomb has broken up. My favorite band for the past 4+ years of my life... are gone. I don't quite know what to say. I love them. I always will. They were amazing artists and amazing people all around. M was a beautiful person, both physically and personally. She was a wonderful person, who never seemed to big to talk to her fans. Gabe was such a nice guy.. I just already miss them. I know, I only met them once, but they were just so kind.. and so appreciative of everyone being there for them. They were just so down to earth. Such sweet people. And being at their concerts, just made everyone feel so comfortable. For being crammed together with 100 other people against a stage... I've never been more comfortable in my life. Their shows were home. And I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way.
I sent M and the band a message on myspace thanking them for the impact that them and their music had on my life. I guess now they'll never be the number one band on my most seen list... After these next few months, they will forever be lost behind Avenged Sevenfold and Senses Fail.. and that breaks my heart. They were always supposed to be number one. They were the first band that I ever saw more than once, or that I ever even wanted to see more than once. I almost feel like crying. It's like, the Tsunami Bomb fans were all a big family. And now we're all just people again. I don't know, I'm probably not making any sense to anyone who wasn't a member of the Bomb Squad or a fan of Tsunami Bomb.. I don't know. I'm just so upset right now. Today's just been a no good, very bad day.

P.S. Here's a copy of the email I sent on myspace..
"Wow, I'm utterly shocked. I will love you all forever.
M you are beautiful and it was such a joy meeting you at the concerts that I did attend (Jacksonville, Florida this past May).
Everyone else, you were and always will be wonderful. You've been my favorite band for about 4 years now, and will be greatly missed. I will wear all my Tsunami Bomb shirts this week in memorium of probably the great band of all time, in my opinion. I love you guys. Please be sure to keep us updated on any future projects that any of you plan to do, I would love to hear from you in the future. Thank you for all of the wonderful music, shows and experiences you've given myself and everyone.
Thank you a million times over.
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Hey everyone, this is M from Tsunami Bomb. For those of you who don’t already know, Tsunami Bomb has broken up. The full explanation can be found in our blog and on the Tsunami Bomb message board if you’d like to read it. Our mailing list is now inoperative, so we’ll be using myspace to keep everyone updated on our future plans and endeavors if they come about.

This is actually a 2-part bulletin because I’ve been wanting to send you all something since a few days before all this went down. A few months ago, the person who was updating this myspace site, adding friends, etc. stopped doing that without letting us know. That’s why a lot of you didn’t get added till months later, when I finally randomly logged on here and saw that there were over 2,000 friend requests and 3,000 messages. It was a lot quicker adding all the friends than it was going through all the messages, so I just finished that yesterday. I went through all the messages, though most of them were asking a lot of the same questions and wondering the same things. So instead of responding to all 3,000 messages separately, I figured I’d tackle some of the questions on this bulletin.

1. Do you guys run this site, or does someone else?
That’s been mentioned above. I’ll be running it along with Matt, and we’ll be answering questions and adding friends whenever we can.

2. Who is E. Whitehurst and why don’t you guys write your own lyrics?
I’m E. Whitehurst, therefore we do write our own lyrics. See explanation in blog.

3. Why did you get rid of your guitarist/keyboardist/bassist? You suck now.
Well, each person who left Tsunami Bomb did it for a different reason. Some left on their own, and some were kicked out. Ultimately, it’s none of your business, especially considering you think we suck now. And really, the whole thing is over anyway, so now it doesn’t matter what happened and who did what.

4. Agent M, will you marry me?
Nope. I appreciate the compliments though!

5. When are you coming to my town/city/village?
I guess never, unfortunately. Sorry if we never made it to your town -- we tried! We were on the road for about 5 years straight.

Those are the main questions that were asked repeatedly throughout the thousands of messages. Mostly, people just had really nice things to say, and it was really great to read through everything. Thanks for enjoying our music and being (mostly) very kind. We do appreciate you all. And if you have any questions, feel free to send us messages here and we’ll do our best to answer them.

M & Matt
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I'm selling my copy of Mayhem on the High Seas & inch. I'm not selling this to get rich... I'm selling my copy because I need the cash!

I bought my copy of Mayhem waaaaaaaaay back in 1999. At the time I was writing for KGB propaganda out of shreveport, Louisiana. I saw Tsunami Bomb in Longview Texas. In a crappy little VFW hall. I made friends with the guys, I use to talk to Dominic all the time via AIM. Shrevepunx, my old website use to have a link on the Tsunami Bomb webpage. I interviewed the band waaaay back then when they came back a second time with Kalifornia Redemption. Sadly the review has been lost these last few years. I might still have it on cassette tape somewhere... Since then I have lost touch with the guys. I saw TB a few years or so ago in Boulder Colorado, and im not sure they remembered me, even though they said they did.

Anyways. I am putting my copy of Mayhem on Ebay to fund the new zine i am working on. For the first time in 4 years, I'm back in the game. Doing interviews and working on getting something published. Mainly because i HATE retail.

I'm paying for MOSTLY HARMLESS MAGAZINE #1 out of my own pocket. Its going to be a 16 page issue 2000 issue print run. I'm paying for it all out of my own pocket. In order to make this easier, I am putting a couple of my prize records and stuff on ebay to help fund it.

Is that evil? I hope not.

here it is. check it out

Also check out my 'zine. Our temporary webpage is at:

and i have pictures online from that first time i saw TB, with Lucky Strike. Oh so many years ago. (i also have a Lucky strike 7" if anyone is interested....)

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for helping if you can.