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Notes Towards a Queer Century

A/Gender - Notes Towards a Queer Century
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Welcome to A/Gender!

We are a small collective in the Cardiff area and are using this journal to let you know all about us, what we want, what's pissing us off and what we're doing about it!

Our sexualities and genders vary but we are all interested in disrupting the status quo of white-male-middle-class heterosexism, and against the binary systems of gender and sexuality forced upon us in our culture. We want sexuality to be more fluid and permeable, and are against homo/trans/bi/heterophobia and any other kind of prejudice. We are also non-gay-scene, and want to create spaces where we can enjoy ourselves and change things without having to listen to Steps and Kylie!

We are holding some queer cultural events this summer, so please keep checking back to this journal for updates on activism in the local area. The main purpose of the journal is to keep you informed of what's going on. And if you need a place to crash, send us presents and we'll think about it :)

Also, we are putting out an "A/Gender" zine, dealing with all kinds of issues that can broadly be define as queer: more info in the journal. We are looking for contributors from all sectors of the community, and the deadline is July 31st.

Queer Mutiny, not Gay Community!