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6th December, 2004. 11:21 pm.(i_heart_john)

it hate my fucking post three times in a row. can anyone help??/

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4th November, 2004. 9:28 pm.(i_heart_john)

what gender would ya'll puiot jesis in??slash

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27th October, 2004. 11:49 pm. hi all(mand_theitgirl)

ok a couple of things first like to say how sad i am that John Pell has died I;m sure he would have supported stuff like this.

Secondly Hannah I have a girl rock band from Reading who I would like you to listen to, they have said they would play in Cardiff so if you get in contact with me I shall give you the details



Current mood: nervous.

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23rd October, 2004. 5:21 pm. new here(mand_theitgirl)

well new here transgendred lesbian here living in Cardiff, I hate the stereotypical lesbian thing, don;t watch programmes like bad girls, i love to wear skirts like having my hair long. I also got probs with the whole stereotypical tg thing where tg's are suppose to like men etc and dress over the top and wear to much make up.

I base my clothes on what I may see a girl wearing walking down the street etc.

Oh also i interested in forming a girl band if anyone is interested.

Current mood: depressed.

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11th October, 2004. 12:41 am.(hurleyburley)

Hello all!
Hope everyone's well and that life's as fun and fruity as it can be in October. Just to let you all know, Experimentica (an experimental arts festival type thang) is on at Chapter in Cardiff this week and it should be really interesting - all sorts of stuff from all over the place, and all generally quite weird in the best possible way. I'm performing a piece on Wednesday at 8pm - queer theory, becoming-animal, a lecture on an exercise bike, blah blah blah.
Also there's another art exhibition opening at tactileBOSCH studios, Llandaff North, this Friday 15th from about 6pm - over 20 local and international artistic collaborations (including me and my friend Sarah with our disco limo!) - again it should be really interesting, it's free, everyone's welcome and there's a party at Chapter afterwards which should also be a scream!
Talking of screams, any progress on the regular queer night happening in Cardiff? It would be a really good thing. Or generally any queer goings on for that matter, anything to get me out the house...!

Current mood: sleepy.

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11th September, 2004. 12:09 pm. *We Don't Need Another Hero*(brat_grrrl)

..is the provisional title for our new clubnight, which should start at the beginning of October in Chapter Arts Centre, Canton.

We're basically allowed to do whatever we want, so we are looking for bands, DJs, performance artists, poets, or anyone else who wants to get involved whether onstage or behind the scenes.

Drop us a line if you are interested, or if you know someone else who would be! Once again it'll be along the lines of queer/feminist/riot grrl, but not at all limited to these things, we're up for anything (ha!)...

Thanks! xox Hannah

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25th August, 2004. 12:37 pm. Reminder - Queer Week starts Saturday!!(a_gender)

hi everyone...
just a reminder that our fabulous queer week starts in Cardiff this Saturday...All events are FREE! Here's an update of what's happening:-

Saturday 28th Aug - Queer Mutiny @ Chapter Arts Centre, Canton
We finally have some acts! :
I KNOW I HAVE NO COLLAR (lo-fi indie queer boys)
SOFIA GRADIN (amazing feminist grrly performance poet)
TRULY KAPUT (girl + ukalele...how can you beat that?!)
also a performance artist whose name i can't remember,
and queer noise experimentation, probably from us...

Tuesday 31st Aug - Queer:Discuss @ Chapter
Discussion/workshop on the meaning of Queer today, historically, for the future, etc.
Bring presents, it's my birthday! [optional..!]]

Friday 3rd Sept - Wake Up Queer Youth! @ Grassroots, Charles St.
6pm-10pm i *think* (either that or 7-10)
Riot grrly night, music from:-
SHE SELLS [all-grrl punky trio. They like L7 so they're bound to rock]
FOR HER PLEASURE [that'd be us...indescribable, ha!]
+ vegan cafe

Saturday 4th Sept - Mardi Gras @ Cooper's Field
Woo, we have our very own stall at Mardi Blah... there'll be free (possibly) tea, a mix-tape swap, we're selling CDs, badges, distributing info, attacking the gay lifestyle tent (not physically, you understand...!)... come and have a chat, we'll be the ones chainsmoking and not listening to Kylie

followed by Alternative Queercore/Riot Grrl night at Twisted by Design - upstairs of Dempseys bar, opp.the castle

Sunday 5th Sept - Riot Grrl Gig @ Chapter
We aren't organising this one but everyone should go because it will be great, and i think Chris, Mei and myself are DJing...
lineup : HOOKER
think this one is £4
any questions - email comeonlets_go@hotmail.com, or leave a comment
PS you don't have to be gay!! half the bands aren't...

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5th August, 2004. 11:36 pm. Join Gals ;)(xgrrlx)

I didn't see any rules so ---

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11th July, 2004. 12:27 am. Friday 23rd July, Grassroots, Free Gig(a_gender)

Free Gig at Grassroots, Charles St. 6-10pm

Featuring music from:

Sophie I Love You/ Sophie I'm Dead
Nobody Wife
Truly Kaput


Under 25's only (sorry, that's the rules of the place - it's a youth community centre) and no alcohol!

BUT there will free Vegan food/ workshops and lots and lots of tea!! As well as info distribution of information re: queer issues and activism. Older people who wish to attend may do so by helping in the kitchen...

see you there, hopefully x

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11th July, 2004. 12:20 am. Strawberry Tea Nite (2) 20th July, Journeys, Newport Rd, Cardiff(a_gender)

The second in the series of cataclysmic evenings of Strawberry Tea and Toe Jobs that is apparently going to take place.

It will feature Dylan Barry, Nobody Wife and somebody else, will post details as they arrive. Be assured that Belly will be played between the sets, as well as other lovely music

Please come along as the sound is really good in Journeys so Nobody might be able to hear herself sing x

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