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AGAINST! A Diary of Misanthropy

A Diary of Misanthropy
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This community was created as an outlet for intelligent people to discuss things that annoy, bother, or irritate them. The key word in that description is intelligent.

I will remove people and posts that I feel do not live up to the standards that I wish to uphold. And since it is my community, I will decide what is and what is not worthy.

It is not my wish to have to run this community in any sort of nazi fashion, but I also don't want to be embarrassed to be associated with it.

If you are a teenager, I would advise you to think twice about joining. This community is not an outlet for immature, teenage rants. If that is what you are looking for, a quick search for "teenage angst" in the lj interest search engine proves that there are several communities that would better serve your needs. Thank you.

Disabling comments will result in the post being deleted, and you will be instantly banned. Duh.

This community is maintained occasionally glanced at by threne.

abhorrence, against, aggravation, allergic to idiots, anathema, anger, angst, animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, antisocial, atheists, attack, avenging wrongs, aversion, backstabbers, bad blood, being cross, bete noire, beware, bitching, biting, bitterness, black humor, blow ups, bother, brooding, cat fights, chagrin, chastising fools, condemnation, confrontations, conniptions, curses, deprecation, despise, detesting people, disapproving, disdain, disgruntlement, disgust, dishing it out, dislike, disparaging remarks, doom, ego demolition, enmity, err of your ways, execration, fight, finding fault with others, fits, frosty dispositions, fury, gaslighting, genocide, getting even, go away, grievance, hate, hating, hatred, headstrong intellectuals, heckling others, horror, hostility, ill humor, ill will, inflicting self doubt, insults, intelligence, irritation, knocking you off your-high-horse, leave me alone, loathing, making fun of people, making people cry, making people feel stupid, malevolence, malice, malignity, mental superiority, might is right, mind control, misanthropy, nasty looks, nuisances, objections, odium, opposition, outrage, pain, pay backs, peace of mind, pestilance, playing dirty, playing the devils advocate, pointing & laughing, poison, rage, rancor, ranting & raving, reciprocal hatred, recoiling from you, rejection, renounce, repudiate, repugnance, repulsion, resentment, retaliation, retorts, revelations, revenge, revile, revulsion, rifts, ruffling feathers, ruthlessness, satisfaction, scorn, slander, slights, snub, spewing venom, spit upon, spite, spurn, stubborn notions, stupidity should be painful, suffering, sweet revenge, tantrums, tempers, the left hand path, throwing dirty looks, tiffs, time will tell, tormenting idiots, torture, trouble, unsocial entities, vengeance, verbal brutality, vexation, village idiots, vindictiveness, virulence, you nauseate me