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Everytime I have to be submitted to the idiocy of the human race I wish that the world was under full fascist or totalitarian control.. I am beyond sick of people abusing their freedoms for nothing more than selfish purposes(and I am NOT talking about the US government).

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Here is a question for the general public.

Since when did being a misanthrope include ignoring facts. The post previous to mine, and most of the comments along with it are not that of a misanthrope, but of an imbecile. Misanthropes are angry about the way things are, not the way things seem to be. Misanthropes are not swayed by propaganda, or by media, and most importantly, they do not make broad general statements. Misanthropes are concise, exacting, and very knowledgeable, and their deeper intellectual knowledge is what makes them so angry. The person who posted the comparison of Bush and Hitler seems to know very little about either of them, yet he acts as if he is an expert. Beyond the fact that he writes like my 13 year old sister, he is spouting an unfair comparison without even having the slightest knowledge of what he is saying, or the real world ramifications of his rashness.

If you are going to post on a community on misanthropy, at least play the part.

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this community is LAME, and 99% of the people who post here anymore have really stupid icons.

how embarrassing.

newsflash!: just because you bitch and whine about your personal problems in a public forum does not make you a "MISANTHROPIST"

i started this community for people who had legitimate issues to discuss, in an intelligent way. but all i see and hear (before i deleted practically everything, that is) anymore is a bunch of sniveling high school style ranting and personal drama transcriptions.

as my eight year old daughter would say: "BORRRRR--ING!"

well, i guess it's my fault. i haven't even looked at this community in months, so i haven't been much of a moderator. maybe i will try to get back into it. maybe i wont. it used to be fun, but... that was a long time ago.

just... try to work with me, people. don't be stupid!

in the meantime, try to say something interesting!

Why does society suck?

Victims make society suck.

Yes that's right, victims.
Not REAL victims, but people that play the part of victims for attention and benefits. People that in actuallity lead better lives than most crying about anything and everything to get attention.

People have taken up victimizing themselves. People cry about being victims while they're the ones victimizing themselves.
Pro-ana people I'm talking about you, pro-cutting people, you too. You're all idiots. Pure weapons grade idiots. End of statement.

Let me make something clear, I am not talking about people that actually have a PROBLEM, an honest to gods problem, I'm talking about people that do it to make a statement, to be different.
Don't tell me I don't know what it's like alright, because I've been down that road way too many times. I used to cut. Not as a form of body modification but as a release. It was something I never told anyone, online or off. I wore bulky sweaters and long sleeves every day, even in July. I was ashamed, it's a fucking ADDICTION. It's like heroin. You can't fucking stop. I know that. The difference, I wasn't "pro self injury", I never joined a cutting community and I definately never took pictures of my scars. Hell I'm tattooing over them all now because it's something I am NOT PROUD OF. I don't like baring my scarred arms to the world, even though the scars are four to five years old it's still embarrassing. Then I see idiots on livejournal and so forth that are in about 20 pro cutting communities and all they do is whine about how the world keeps screwing them over. Maybe if they removed their heads from their asses for a few minuets they'd see that they're the ones LETTING the world screw them over. While they're in their room with their digital camera snapping pictures of their "great artsy fartsy cutting designs" the rest of the world is making something of themselves.
Grow up, alright. No one's victimizing you but you.

And as for the pro-ana people. They make me honestly sick. Anorexia is a DISEASE. Say it with me children, DISEASE. I lost a girlfriend of three years to "ana". She literally starved herself to death. She couldn't stop, it was an obsession. Difference? She wasn't PROUD to be ana. She didn't take pictures of herself photoshopped so it looked like her ribs were poking out, she didn't log her weight and height along with those pictures for any online community. She literally stayed away from everyone because she was afraid that food would come up and she'd have to make one more excuse for not eating.
I've scanned the pro ana groups and it fucking SICKENS me. I don't know whether these girls think ana is a new diet plan or a great attention getter but it's a DISEASE. Nope we're not blaming society on this one, true society is obsessed with looks but you know what, if you're going to buy in to all that "thinspiration" bullshit you're just as bad as everyone else. Don't blame society for your self obsessed idiocy, it's not societie's fault that you feel fat, so don't bitch about society being obsessed with looks.

You people aren't the fucking victims okay. There are people everywhere that have it MUCH worse than you, but all you do is whine and cry about how society keeps screwing YOU over and how bad YOU have it in your middle class suburban home. "God hates me, society sucks nothing good ever happens to me- oops wait my cellphone's ringing!"
People have it much worse than you so get the FUCK over yourselves and grow up.

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The Genius of Society

I have been inspired by an argument, and with someone who terms themselves innocent at that! The argument was over whether marriage meant anything without a physical relationship. Has the world truly degraded itself to the point of believing that there is no love without lust? I understand the human need for passion, however, if one was to truly love a person, wouldn't it be possible for him/her to love without ripping off one another's clothes? Sadly, I found little support for my side, and was frustrated with the ignorance of human beings towards love. It leads me to question its very existence, because if there is only lust, then it can't be love. True romance must have died before my time, because I've heard of it in stories, but have yet to come in contact or even view it from a distance.
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Disjointed Commentary and Insights.

I came home from work a few nights ago and found myself thinking about a multitude of stressful, upsetting topics. Upon targeting the subjects that have been bothering me I took it upon myself to write out a lengthy document of sorts, revealing my innermost feelings.

I realize that not all members of this community will agree with my opinions, which is why they are simply that. My opinions.

My thoughts on...Collapse )
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one does not want to be judged (to put it in simplest terms) by others according to appearance, and i might ask what the hell the difference is with the judgement of individuals and their ages? i am 14 and im proud to say i dont give a shit. i can think just as much, and usually more than, the next person, nevermind that i do not hold people's intelligence in high standards. i am extremely sick of (amoung other things) people believing me to be the same as every other god damned teenage piece of trash out there. i pride myself on being a somewhat original piece of trash. i do not care what might be said about me, as long as it is said with the knowledge of that is being said, and for what reason as it applys to ME, not others of my age. i do not enjoy living with my parents; i would not enjoy living with anyone as i enjoy being alone. but im not fucking complaining about being given a free place to live and being equally fed and watched after. i do not relate to about 99 percent of the poplution, but when i find some human that seems to have a least a gift of open mindedness, i am disproved by being written off as what i am. poor me hmm? i do not call myself a goth. i do not shop at hot topic. i do not glorify suicide, only homicide in deserving areas. (ie the assholes that swarm around malls and/or big cities relentlessly and without thought). i do not listen to slipknot, and i despise the manson creature that calls itself a musician but lacks wholey in any musical talent. i am not one to parade my isolation. however, if i were listed as a human with interests in the aformentioned areas, i dont believe it would make any significant difference. all i ask is that people shut the fuck up and look at the person itself and not the person's 'genre'.
but as it were, i expect nothing to come of saying this. i expect to be ignored and ridiculed. as i walk away all i can do is say a nice 'fuck you'.

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We have a Very big plant in our town and 70% of town's population works there. So almost all the people finish their work at the same time and go to the bus stop, all together. Then of course they try to get to the bus faster, some do this to occupy sitting places others just to fit in the bus.
So finally I always see the following picture: All sitting places are occupied by strong young men, while women, some of them old, some young, dangle in the bus, "enjoying" the pressure and pushes of the neighbours.
Where is the damn courtesy?? Is it normal that after a hard day's work women are not tired at all? Well, maybe men are not obliged to give all places to women but what about at least half of them??
Why if they are stronger they get everything??! Every time I see this I want to shout at them, but I understand if they don't get it, no one will make them dig it.
Is it normal?

I eat your apathy like jello

If you speak to me like you are 12 years old, and your issues contradict like the bible in the hands of a god fearing christian...
And you say that you are "this" but the rest of you says you are exactly what you say you hate,
And I don't have to see you to know that you would look at me with stupid mule eyes,
And you are an issue in and of yourself that you should look into quantifying before you go much further with the rest of your "validation"...
Well, try not to wreck your pretty little head over it if I don't give a fuck and I don't take you seriously.

Jesus H. Christ.
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lil stoner fucks

i dont understand these lil 'stoner' kids.
they run around in all their black, w/all their bracelets, and their god damned slipkot and pantera shirts
and then look at you like you're fucking.. i dunno, not good enough or something.
i'm sorry that i dont wear enough rubber bracelets and band shirts to be HARDCORE like all you little fucks.
i used to be okay with them.. until they TURN AROUND and fucking look at ME like I'M the one who is SHIT.
well. fuck that.
i understand that all this shit is "in" now.. but. jesus christ, some people take it WAY TOO FAR.
fucking calm down and be YOURSELF. isnt this what it's all about anyway?
if you like the shit and you wear it, that's cool
but don't look down at others b/c they dont live up to your standards of stonerhood or whatever the fuck.
i thought you oppressed shit like that?
when in reality, you are all like everyone else inside. and you should realize that, and when you do i hope you cry. kuz you tried so HARD to be different and say fuck it and fuck you, when you're the same as the people you hate.
so what i guess i'm trying to say is..
don't fucking look at me like i'm not good enough.
don't ignore me kuz i'm not HARDCORE enough.
kuz people always forget to look what's going on beneath the surface, and i'm fucking sick of it.