brianna (shelikesclots) wrote in _against,

Possibly incoherent

The thing I hate most about people is their firm belief that they are in some way special.

Humans are repetitive, derivative lumps of flesh. This belief that every human is inherently worthwhile is annoying. I hate that the idea of 'souls' is so widely accepted. We don't have souls and we aren't all beautiful freckles on the nose of the giant pixie (Blackadder!). The only thing that makes us in any way different to dumb animals is empathy, not some mystical property. (Sidenote: People who believe animals have souls are brainless children.)

People who think their needs and desires are important simply because they are human and so have the "right" to be happy are fucking irritating. Just being human does not immediately make you worthy of respect or consideration. It just means that you've learnt to form mutually beneficial relationships with others of your species. Humans. Our opposable thumb doesn't look so special when all we're holding is processed fast food and a mobile phone. Our supposed 'souls' mean fuck all when the majority is a mass of selfish, cruel imbeciles.

Bloody souls. Arrogant and ridiculous. Don't even get me started on "basic human rights."
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