forwrathandruin (forwrathandruin) wrote in _against,

No. One. Cares.

I'd just like to make a note that nobody gives two shits and a fuck whether your goddamn child is an honor student. Or if he's in the reading club. Or if he was a 'Participant' in the school Geography Bee.

Your child is one of about four hundred million in the world. He's not special except to you.

All you're asserting with your goddamn bumper-sticker is 'My kid is better than your kid'. We got over that when we were six with the 'my dad is better than your dad'.

Or, for those few of you who aren't asserting the betterness of your children and are in fact trying to coddle their fucking self-esteem (sidenote: This self-esteem bullshit needs to go too. Like, now.) need to lay the fuck off. The world does not love your child. The world does not believe your child is special enough to warrant privileged treatment. By showing your child that you are telling the world about how cool they are, they're going to expect the world to recognize their coolness. They aren't. The world will eat their tender and irrelevant 'self-esteem' alive, because, as I said, no. one. cares.

Take the stupid fucking bumperstickers off your damn car and put something worth reading on there instead. Sum up your philosophy. Make an assertion. Don't simply declare 'I have a child and he does stuff.'

I hate people. Hate.
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