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My mother is the president of the 'IfYouDon'tHaveAnythingNiceToSayDon'tSayAnythingAtAll' fan club.

I disagree. If you don't want me to say what I think, don't bring up subjects to me that you think we're going to disagree on. Don't ask me for your opinion, don't befriend me, and don't travel in my circles. I pay attention to my friends - online or off. I listen, and when I disagree, I speak up. Some people like that about me. Some people don't. But I'm not offended in the least by the ones who'd rather just avoid me. I don't know that I'd want to be in my company if I was someone else.

If I'm tired of hearing someone talk about whateverboringthingtheythinkisinteresting I just very obviously change the subject. I'll try and be subtle sometimes, but it usually doesn't work. I don't bite when people fish for compliments. It's that simple: I don't like fake people and I refuse to participate in fake conversations. Fake conversations are the norm over at the 'IfYouDon'tHaveAnythingNiceToSayDon'tSayAnythingAtAll' camp, because they bite their tongues and smile and nod and give compliments and tell people what they want to hear and comment arbitrarily in journals just because they think they need to be commenting in someone's journal.

Tangent-time: This is totally off-topic, but if you happen to be someone in who's journal I actually comment, it means you're fucking rad. It also means you post things I think are interesting, or you're talking about something that actually means something to me. Or you might just be someone who provokes me to walk a mile in shoes that don't fit.

I'm not a firm believer in the 'ignore it - it will go away' thing either. Whoever said that either had no fucking concept, or just no frame of reference for what they were talking about.

I don't look for trouble, but Trouble sure as fuck knows where I live. He comes over all the time, under false pretenses. Grin and bear it? Um, no.

I'm going to say this once, and I'm going to say it loud as hell, because I fucking hate repeating myself.

When it comes to all these little golden-ruleish proverbs, all I can verbalize is a big 'FUCK THAT'.

I have a new saying:

Xindy Rule #1: If You Don't Have Anything Interesting/Intelligent/WellWritten/New/Original/Creative/Pretty/Ugly/Deep/Intellectual/Ridiculous/Amusing/Factual/Fun/Spiffy/Random To Say, Don't Fucking Talk To Me, Unless you're pointing me to something someone else said that happens to be Interesting/Intelligent/WellWritten/New/Original/Creative/Pretty/Ugly/Deep/Intellectual/Ridiculous/Amusing/Factual/Fun/Spiffy/Random.

How about that?

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