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_afterforever_'s Journal

After Forever Community
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All Members , Moderated
Community devoted to After Forever. If someone wants to mod for me, let me know. Also, we need a layout.

+++Community Creator and Administrator: Adrienne twowintersonly+++
***Community Moderator: Anne lostxinmyxworld***

Community Survey! Fill this out when you join. It's fun and painless, so come on, fill it out!

Name(or just what you want to be called here):
How long have you been an AF fan?:
What is your favorite AF album?:
How about your favorite AF songs?:
What are some of your other favorite bands?:
This isn’t a question, but enjoy yourself, and promote this community as much as you possibly can...we’d greatly appreciate it!
after forever, decipher, exordium, invisible circles, prison of desire