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Hi, I'm new.

Hey, I just joined. I'm sure I know some of you from other communities, and it will be nice to get to know the rest of you as well.
So, here's me.
Name(or just what you want to be called here): Dagny
Age: 18
How long have you been an AF fan?: Not very long, a few months perhaps. Someone sent me a couple songs off of Decipher, and while I liked them they didn't blow my mind. Then I heard Leaden Legacy and I fell in love. Floor's voice is absolutely amazing.
What is your favorite AF album?: Hm... Prison of Desire or Remagine. Both are really good.
How about your favorite AF songs?: Leaden Legacy, My Pledge of Alligence (part 1), Come
What are some of your other favorite bands?: Nightwish is my favorite by far. I also like Leaves' Eyes and ToT, Blind Guardian, Delight, Iced Earth, and Therion.

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This will be the 3rd time that I have seen them in concert.
What a change. At Nightwish when I saw them for the first time I was an After Forever hater, now I'm going to go see them in concert...and not as a pre-act...not to mention I may go to the Paard van Trooje which is on the 20th of October (the concert I have a ticket for is on the 14th of October).

I'm going with Maaike queenoffantasy which is going to so kick ass. :)
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I will spam you all sometime soon, hah..when I get home, I'm scared to touch it for fear of hurting it!


Ok, I just got my copy of Remagine and..now...for my review of it.
There isn't as much grunting in it as the older albums but Floor's vocals make up for it...they are just...incredible, Bas's vocals are actually quite good, I find them quite entertaining because he obviously has a dutch accent XD the arrangement of the songs are all incredible, there is no theme running throughout the whole album like Invisible Circles, each song is different and has it own theme.
In my opinion it is their best album, I adore Decipher but this one is just...incredible...the choirs, orchestra, Floor's voice, Sander's grunts, Bas's singing, it's all orginal and breathtaking.

I am no good at writing reviews of every song. I'll leave the professionals to do that XD.
I'll just give you my rating for each song.
Enter: 9/10
Come: 12/10 (it just took Forlorn Hope's place as my favorite AF song away)
Boundaries are Open: 7/10
Living Shields: 9/10
Being Everyone: 7/10
Attendance: 7/10
Free of Doubt: 9/10
Only Everything: 8/10
Strong: 9/10
Face Your Demons: 9.5/10
No Control: 9/10
Forever: 8/10

Tomorrow, go buy the album, it's most defintly worth it!!!
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After Forever are the loveliest guys and girl ever. Today I met them all, and they were all so lovely, and didn't care that I was a complete fangirl. I hugged Joost three times, and spoke to him for about ten minutes, and he was so amazingly nice. And he has a nice bum.

They played amazingly. I think they were better than Within Temptation, who were the headlining act. The set list that I can remember was (not in the right order) :

Childhood In Minor
Beautiful Emptiness
Sins of Idealism
Being Everyone
Digital Deceit
The Evil That Men Do
Pledge #1
Monolith Of Doubt
Folorn Hope
Follow In The Cry (+ Joost synth solo)

Floor's voice totally blew me away. They did have a few feedback problems, but overall ... wow.

Can't wait for Monday! Remagine!
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Tomorrow I am going to be getting something for whic you will all hate me for.
I am going to get my copy of Remagine. Yes, you heard that right, I was at Rocky Road (best. store. ever) and I managed to stumble across the Promotional Copy of Remagine. It costs 25 euros, I only had 20 so I gave the shop owner 20 euros and tomorrow I'll go over, pay the last 5 euros, go home and bask in the music...
God I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post one song up, Come because it's already been heard, you'll just have to wait....for the album to come out or for my headache to be gone and for me to be nice again rawr. -_-
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New member!

Name(or just what you want to be called here): Nellie
Age: 18
How long have you been an AF fan?: 2 and a half months. Hmm... that isn't very long. I feel like I've known them much longer than that. *shrug*
What is your favorite AF album?: Decipher <3
How about your favorite AF songs?: My Pledge of Allegiance (1 & 2), Through Square Eyes *drools*, Black Tomb, Forever. I have more, but I tried to narrow it down to one per album. ^^
What are some of your other favorite bands?: Hmm.. Within Temptation, Tristania, Leaves' Eyes, Sirenia, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Octavia Sperati... not bands, but I adore Sarah McLachlan, Nelly Furtado, Michelle Branch, Holly McNarland... I guess I'm a big fan of female voices. ;)

I don't know what else to say. Floor seems like the only female vocalist that can turn me into a pile of goo with her voice. ;)
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