October 24th, 2005

die fetten jaren sind vorbei

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I thought I was already a member, but evidently not. I forget things. Silly Clare.

Name(or just what you want to be called here): Clare
Age: 16
How long have you been an AF fan?: About a year, but I only had a few tracks around my hard drive until recently.
What is your favorite AF album?: I go between Invisible Circles and Prison of Desire
How about your favorite AF songs?: Uhm, Between Love And Fire, My Choice, One Day I'll Fly Away and all of Prison of Desire.
What are some of your other favorite bands?: Epica, Leaves' Eyes, Ayreon, Tarot, Midnattsol, Nightwish (though I don't know what to do now...) and there's lots more. See my info.

And I have a request. Could someone point me in the direction of screencaps and pictures. Any kind of picture - I want to make something with them. Please & thankyou!