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Last night's concert was...amazing. Just amazing. And guess what? I MET FLOOR, ANDRE, BAS, LUUK AND JOOST. ^____^

Maaike and I got there about 2:30 and the only perosn there was Andre, we were the only ones there...and the only ones who waited the whole time. A car pulled up and Joost got out...we said hi, he told us to wait and he dissapeared for a while. Then he came out and started to talk to us. He told us that there was an acoustic concert at FAME and asked us if we were which it was no...we'd rather stand in the front row at Melkweg. :) And then we took photos. ^_^
We continued waiting...played lots of card games and THE BOUNCYBALL OF DOOOM!! -_- Floor walked by and we waved at her and she waved back so yay. XD
We were alone from 2:30 till about 6:00. -_- Then people started showing up... XD
7:15 the doors went open and I was the VERY first person in...which explains how I got to my spot...pressed against the stage, Floor was standing directly in front of me a lot! ok back to the concert. -_-
Nov-act was the band before After Forever and...hmm, I don't know what to think of them, I don't think I liked them, I did notice that I got rather bored after a while. -_- The played 5 or 6 songs..and then...

Boundaries Are Open
Living Shields
My Pledge of Allegiance #1
Beyond Me (!!!!!!)
No Control
Taste the Day (BEAUTIFUL song from their single Being Everyone)
Free of Doubt
Monolith of Doubt
Only Everything
Being Everyone
The Final Countdown (that was AWESOME)

They went offstage but after a while they came back on to perform
Digital Deceit
Forlorn Hope
Follow in the Cry

It was..god, it was SO beautiful, Floor's singing during Face Your Demons was INCREDIBLE, her high A flat in Monolith of Doubt was just breathtaking.
The whole concert was, they were just so amazing, perfect even. But the highlights were defintly Come, Living Shields, Beyond Me, No Control, Taste the Day, Free of Doubt, Face your Demons and Forlorn Hope. It was so beautiful...I really don't have the words to describe how fucking amazing it was!

After the concert we waited around for a while and then the band members started to come out from backstage...Andre first, then Bas, Luuk then finally Floor. We didn't see Sander or Joost anywhere which really pissed us off rawr -_- Haha, Maaike and I are the only ones who got our photo taken with Joost, we so rule. :-p
The whole band is so nice, I've heard stories from a certain Lotte *kill* who told me that Floor is an arogant bitch but that is complete bullshit, she's so sweet and she took the time to sign a shitload of stuff and pose for photos and demand that a second one is taken when the first one didn't turn out! XD Bas is...god, that man is ADORABLE! ^_^
I bought a few things there as well..a t-shirt, a button and Decipher as I didn't have it yet. -_- And I now have 3 autographed things from After Forever, oh yeah.

Image hosted by
Joost: "You're here before the band!"

Image hosted by
Good timing Andre...good timing XD He touched my camera XD his photo didn't work out though

Image hosted by
That's more like it!

Image hosted by
Awwwwwwww I love this guy, he was such a sweetheart! He's SO much taller than I am, he bent down so that we look the same height. ^_^

Image hosted by
Luuk is so adorable ^_^

Image hosted by
Floor had a can of heineken beer in her hand...she didn't want it to look like a commercial. XD

Image hosted by
So of course we had to pose for a second photo XD

Image hosted by
My ticket ^_^

Image hosted by
My pretty pretty poster, heehee, Floor signed EXACTLY in the middle..go Floor XD

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