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Just because no one has posted anything here in nearly six months.

Hunter in high school!

TranquilMammoth Fact: I had shoulder length (bleach-blonde) hair when I was a sophmore in high school. I also played guitar in a band called Little Seizures


Oh, and he's at a Twitter award ceremony. And he made vegan shoes. Would you buy them?

Jade shaved his mustache. Exciting y/y?

I would think they were all dead if not for Twitter. I got bored and stopped listening for like a year, but I've been playing AFI (mostly VPOY) nonstop for the last few days. This just makes me sad and impatient. :( How are you coping with the wait? How do you feel about that Begin Transmission thing? Are you going to scream and dance around in a really embarrassing way once we start getting news about the new album?

Pokemon → Kotone [working]

umm...small request?

i don't know the rules on this comm about music sharing but i'm looking for a few things. i owned them once before but all my non-classic rock music is in a storage unit 1500 miles from where i'm sitting so i kind of can't access them at the moment. :c

so i was wondering if anyone had the "A Fire Inside" compilation cd, plus the songs "Halloween" and "Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37"?

i have a music trades list if you want something in return, though it may not peak much interest unless you like classic rock n' roll.

i'd really appreciate some help. i've been to two music sharing communities so far and have gotten no responses whatsoever, so...any help would be great.

thanks in advance.

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Vote Adam Carson for Sexiest Vegetarian!

Because he is, and you know it.

Copy and paste this into a LJ/website! and VOTE!


Vinyl for sale.

Hey guys,

I've got some pretty cool AFI vinyl for sale on eBay. I'm located in WA, Australia, so this is the perfect opportunity for Aussie fans to snap up this stuff, which is hard to find down under!

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask.

I also have some of their older stuff on CD that I'd be willing to part with for the right price. All mint condition.
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This might sound like a really weird request, but it's worth a try anyway.

Does anyone have a good picture, icon, something, from Smith Puget's old mohawk?
A friend of mine is really curious in seeing it, and Photobucket and Buzznet aren't really helping along. Only 'recent' pictures you know.

So any help is pretty much ADORED.

This is the best photobucket could give me.Collapse )

Thanks a lot in advance. =]
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