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Mod Post: Community Tags

Hello, all you lovely Adult Swim fans.

As promised, I have begun work on the tags for this community. There are now tags for every show on Adult Swim. Please use those tags rather than creating your own.

For example, if you write a post about how much you love Bender (and who doesn't?), please use the "futurama" tag rather than creating a new "bender" tag. As much as Bender deserves his own tag, I'd like to keep things simple.

Also, there's no need to reword the tags. For example, if you write a post to complain about the lack of new Aqua Teen Hunger Force, please use the tag "aqua teen hunger force" rather than writing a new tag for "athf."

If your post isn't covered by the current tag list, feel free to write your own. Unfortunately, the "Update Journal" page does not allow you to go through the tag list, but you can always go to the edit screen to tag the entry.

I have also added tags for:

  • community survey - This covers questions like "What is your favorite Adult Swim show?" or "Does anyone here actually like 12 Oz. Mouse?"
  • icons
  • screencaps

If anyone has suggestions for additional tags, please comment to this entry. I will be (slowly but surely) treading my way back through the archive in order to make sure everything is tagged properly.

Please note that you will not be reprimanded in any way for not using tags (unless you just feel that you're in desperate need of a spanking). However, it does make things easier in terms of reference to past discussions.

Thank you for your time and attention. (You are still paying attention, right?) :D


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Hey guys, look around a bit. Notice the layout? Nice, huh? You can thank yenesi for that, who is now a mod. As are the awesome masterific and the lovely oreibasia.

I also updated the interests to reflect your suggestions so now more people will be able to find us and we'll have an influx of n00bs. Just kidding, we love n00bs.

If you love it or hate it, let us know. There are now 5 mods to whine at, so take your pick. ^__^

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Hey dorks and dorkettes, let's do some community cleanup.

So first off, I inherited mod-ship of this community and the only real changes I've made since then have been to the userinfo and the community rules. I also added two co-mods, one of which has since disappeared.

So there are three things to take care of, and you are all welcome to help!

1. I need one more co-mod to help with deleting posts and all the appropriate mod stuff that comes with it. Therefore, I need someone active and democratic, because nobody likes a tyrant. So if you want to help man the wheel, comment. If there's enough interest, we'll have a vote or something.

2. Let's change the interests to reflect the current lineup of [adult swim] and all the fun stuff that it entails. So look at the current interests, and give your ideas for ones to add or take out. I will add new interests accordingly.

3. Are there any rules you'd like to see changed or added? Let me know. If you have any other praise (hee!), concerns or comments about the running of the community, let me know here.

And that is that. If you don't give a crap about any of this, talk about how awesome Metalocalypse is.