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Most can probably be used as bases, doesn't really matter, although I'd like to see what you can do with them. Most are from Xander Crews and Killface's MySpaces.


Credit isn't needed.
Comments are appreciated.
Lemme know if you take any.

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Ok so this is the first Official Batch of new icons. I've been busy so it's taken a while for me to get new ones made, but I'm really pleased with some of them.
39 Total
7 Stock
2 Wish
3 Village
3 Snowboarding
13 Green Day (3 Hand Grenade, 3 Billie, 6 Mike, 1Tre later in the icons)
1 Cobra Starship
4 Snakes on a Plane
1 Tre Cool
1 Master Shake
1 Waynes World
2 Pride and Prejudice
2 Green Day Lyrics

Find the rest here at my new icon community icon_bin.
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