• mikeyed

Who is going to buy this?

The Home Movies 10th anniversary box set.

It's pretty expensive and I would guess most people who really love Home Movies already own the individual seasons. This makes me angry, but also confused as to how lame the extras are. Like I'd totally buy a collector's set if it came with:
  • swords
  • a six pack of black hole brew
  • a really nice t-shirt or two (of anything)
  • fake chaquita banana lady tattoo
  • a Mcguirck bust
  • Wizard's Baker action figures
  • Skunk scout's uniform
  • anything "signed" by:
    • Brendon Small
    • Jon Benjamin (sp?)
    • Melissa (last name?)
    • Stephen Lynch
    • The other guy on the commentary
  • pictures of Brendon Small from Playgirl
  • anything except a tote bag
Why? What happened. What the fuck is a "Exclusive Home Movies Director's Clapboard"? I'm so confused as to why this was a necessary thing to include. I'd rather have a picture of a fat Brendon Small with the words "I'm hungry hot!" in Comic Sans next to him. God, merchandise could not get anymore useless.