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Bash Wars III Superfight: King of Kings!

Because over at gore_sports he's embroiled in a close battle with none other than Gregory House for the Bash Wars King of Kings Title! In the winter of 2006 Venture fans were called upon to JOIN gore_sports and cast their vote for The Walking Swedish Murder Machine. With their support, Brock won that contest and was declared your inaugural Superking! Brock is now defending that title and so I call upon you, my fellow Vench-men to JOIN gore_sports and lend your assistance to Brock in order to crown him the first Bash Wars King of Kings!

All you have to do is JOIN gore_sports and vote for Brock HERE! If you're unfamiliar with that community, it's the eminent matchmaker jim_smith's brainchild based on fake fights. Go take a look; JOIN and VOTE because you love Brock but stay and watch because you love the internet and this is exactly the kind of silliness Hank & Dean would participate in if they had a LiveJournal too!

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