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Robot Chicken: 27 Jaws Special Edition Icons [Apr 27, 2009 * 12:16am]

[ mood | silly ]


Special thanks to squoctobird for the video I capped for the icons. ^_^

Notes: Lots of adult language.

MORE @ funwithicons


[Apr 25, 2009 * 5:12pm]

15 A Pimp Named Slickback icons

HERE @ ladyflash

[Apr 8, 2009 * 1:19pm]

12 ATHF, 1 lily allen

( tonight you will get your dick ripped off )

[Mar 28, 2009 * 10:51pm]

Blood, Bebop, & Eureka
- 12 Blood +
- O4 Cowboy Bebop
- O4 Eureka Seven

Over here at xfreestyle!

Looking for Robot Chicken clip [Mar 1, 2009 * 6:49pm]

Anyone know where I can find this clip?  It was relatively short so I've been unable to find it.  There's a man driving in a forest and a vampire starts attacking his car; he freaks out.  The vampire disappears under the car and the man decides while he's out he'll go to the grocery store for some milk.  He backs over the vampire and then realizes he has milk at home and drives away saying "milk milk milk."

'Tis hilarious and I must see it again; any help on episode name would be appreciated.
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Your last chance! [Feb 7, 2009 * 11:04am]


This is it Vench-Men! We are in the final battle between BROCK SAMSON VS. HOUSE and your last opportunity to lend your support to the Walking Swedish Murder Machine! Brock has managed to eke a narrow lead in the last twenty-four hours but House is a wily competitor and has managed to drum up additional support to stay within a five point striking distance. I implore you, if you haven't already then go join gore_sports and cast your vote to secure Brock as your Superking!!!

[Feb 5, 2009 * 9:42am]


4 ATHF icons HERE at foxynight

A feature story on "Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" [Feb 2, 2009 * 3:08pm]

How Adult Swim's Tim & Eric got so awesome
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[Jan 28, 2009 * 12:15am]

[33] Halo
[81] Watchmen
[33] Robot Chicken
[3] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
[10] Lost


"Hello! Meant to do it!"

Bash Wars III Superfight: King of Kings! [Jan 14, 2009 * 10:45am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

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Robot Chicken: 42 Season 1 Icons [Jan 10, 2009 * 9:12pm]

[ mood | okay ]


Comments are love. :)

Screencaps by me_fein @ cap_it

MORE @ funwithicons


GO TEAM VENTURE! [Jan 5, 2009 * 11:19pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Thought I would share the song that got me into "The Venture Bros." with others who might like it as well.

"Cardboard Swords" by Kiernan McMullan

Cross-posted to venturebrothers

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[Dec 25, 2008 * 4:38pm]


One-of-a-kind Shirts by Mad Foxes
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NEED Perfect Hair Forever iconsss [Nov 14, 2008 * 5:23pm]

[ mood | sick ]

As you can see, I made my own, but it sucks. Looking for awesome ones.
Shall cred, etc.
KTHX. :)

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"Robot Chicken: Star Wars - Episode II" [Nov 14, 2008 * 1:42pm]

A short review of "Robot Chicken: Star Wars - Episode II" -- The Force is still with “Robot Chicken: Star Wars -- that appreciates "Robot Chicken's" overall take on Star Wars.

Here's also a piece from the same blog on the Fox cancellation/Adult Swim pick-up of King of the Hill.

Icons [Nov 1, 2008 * 11:21pm]

[15] Family Guy: Blue Harvest
[17] Robot Chicken: Star Wars
[23] Robot Chicken


More here

Who is going to buy this? [Sep 30, 2008 * 4:26pm]

The Home Movies 10th anniversary box set.

It's pretty expensive and I would guess most people who really love Home Movies already own the individual seasons. This makes me angry, but also confused as to how lame the extras are. Like I'd totally buy a collector's set if it came with:
  • swords
  • a six pack of black hole brew
  • a really nice t-shirt or two (of anything)
  • fake chaquita banana lady tattoo
  • a Mcguirck bust
  • Wizard's Baker action figures
  • Skunk scout's uniform
  • anything "signed" by:
    • Brendon Small
    • Jon Benjamin (sp?)
    • Melissa (last name?)
    • Stephen Lynch
    • The other guy on the commentary
  • pictures of Brendon Small from Playgirl
  • anything except a tote bag
Why? What happened. What the fuck is a "Exclusive Home Movies Director's Clapboard"? I'm so confused as to why this was a necessary thing to include. I'd rather have a picture of a fat Brendon Small with the words "I'm hungry hot!" in Comic Sans next to him. God, merchandise could not get anymore useless.

[Sep 29, 2008 * 2:15pm]

So as one of the latest additions to adult swim, what did you guys think of superjail?

I thought it was great. Looking forward to next sunday.
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Robot Chicken Icons [Sep 28, 2008 * 2:29pm]

Hello! First time posting!

27 Robot Chicken: Star Wars
12 Robot Chicken: Star Wars (Animated)


The rest here @ emotiveunstable :)

last night's Robot Chicken... [Sep 15, 2008 * 1:42pm]


Did anyone else notice the detail they go into?

(Follow this fake cut to my journal ...)

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