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Adult Content

Sensibly uncensored

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Adult Content.

Welcome to Adult Content. This community is dedicated to having mature and tactful discussions about sexual experiences, whether they be your own or no, good or bad. It’s a community where members can be completely open and honest about their opinions, thoughts and maybe even share a few pointers with the innately curious. This is not, however, a porn or smut site. If you request membership just for that, please go elsewhere.

This community is, by necessity, moderated. No memberships will be permitted to persons under the age of eighteen (18), since this community is adult-orientated. If you wish to join, a request will be emailed to the moderator/maintainer and she will determine acquiescence. You must have your birth date listed in your profile. If it is not you will NOT be granted access! If, for any reason, the moderator determines the candidate or existing member unfit at any given time, said user will be removed from the community. Again, let’s be adults, please.

The Rules:
* No memberships granted to those under eighteen years of age. Again, this cannot be stressed enough. Minors, wait to grow up, please.
* Any pictures or graphics, no matter the rating, must be placed behind a LJ cut. Some still have dial-up and it’s just good manners anyway.
* There will be many views and opinions expressed here. This is an open community. For the sake of peace, if you don’t agree with someone’s point of view, there will be no trolling or flaming. Disqualification will follow. Good natured arguments and conversations are welcomed and encouraged; learning is always helpful, but let’s be mature, please.

If anyone wishes to promote the community, the coding is followed by the banner.


It is recommended to all new members that the introduction post is read, just to reiterate the rules and give more information about the community and the maintainer. It’s not required for now, but highly recommended. Again, welcome to all and if there’s any questions about anything posted here, don’t hesitate to contact tripleh_rules at his personal journal or via messenger/email.



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