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Adult Content

Sensibly uncensored

1/20/12 10:01 pm - a1mfw

Have been digging this site!!

3/6/09 01:36 pm - my_happy_places - Boob Wars!

9:56 AM 3/6/09 · I'm not exactly sure when it was I first began developing boob puppets. If I really sat back and tried to think about it I could probably work it out. Although, in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter.

Generally at some point after intimacy developes, or cozy nakedness, I surreptitiously begin an argument. Not between us, between the boobs. One picks a verbal fight with the other one, who naturally defends itself. It's brutal, they're insulting each other, there's constant less than pleasant verbage going back and forth here...

...and naturally the possesser of said boobage is looking down with a very disturbed look on her face.

Then the plot to battle the head for dominance of the body begins as the boobs start to scheme together.

The disturbed look becomes concerned.

In Whee!Laura's case this has developed along those basic lines but gradually I've begun to develop boob battles. Actually having them reaching across the divide and bopping each other violently; not painfully, don't worry. Now, you'd imagine that a woman these little mammary wrestling matches are taking place on would get on my case about it...but this rarely ever happens.

More often than not the woman in question starts trying to mediate a truce between her boobs.

This morning though...things took a turn.

Kinda started last night, I named the right one Floyd. This got Whee!Laura actually directing back to me on the matter. Not about the battling but why "Floyd"? Said it was a totally innappropriate name for him. I got her on that as she referred to her boob as being male.

She just harrumphed and said her boobs could be boys if she wanted them to be.

It wasn't until this morning that she asked what the left one's name was.

Caught a little off guard so I just went with the first thing that came to mind.


Yeah. Don't know what I was thinking either.

So, first they were fighting. Basically, boob punches and wrestling. Trying to twist around each other and pin the other one. This was causing a bit of distress for Whee!Laura so I switched the tempo. I started making Floyd and Beluga flirt with each other and then start screwing each other's brains out. Then, after they were pried apart Floyd screamed out he might be pregnant now and Beluga was all on about how he didn't care and that it wasn't his problem...

...and Whee!Laura then did something absolutely beautiful. She looked accusingly down at her left boob and called him a deadbeat dad.

I about lost it there.

Don't worry. Floyd and Beluga made up and are again fucking all over Whee!Laura's chest.

Lust won out again.

On a side note, this last whole bit was going on while Whee!Laura and I were having ze sex.

Hey, silly really works for us!

7/3/08 12:48 am - da_spida - So...

Let's talk sex. What are your favorite positions? Mines is doggy style.

C'mon people keep the community alive dammit.

4/2/08 02:27 am - da_spida - Place to Upload My Porn Pics?

I know this has been asked before but I forgot so I'll ask once more. What is a good upload site for porn pictures?

8/10/07 08:17 am - tripleh_rules - new community

Have a favorite song? Have lots of favorite songs? So come on over to favorite_songs and tell us about them! This is a new community and well we need new people! Doesn't matter what type of music you like come and share with us!

8/3/07 12:53 pm - tripleh_rules - Off topic but...

I started a new community called favorite_songs This community is for everyone to share their favorite songs. Check it out, I think it will be a great way to discover "new" music.

6/30/07 11:44 pm - da_spida - Need Help!!

*DVD Name*

Viv Thomas - Our Movie By Sophie & Stella


Liz Honey
Stella Stevens
Sophie Moon
Sandra Shine

In one of the sex scenes I saw there was this girl I really liked. I can't seem to find out her name even though they show all their names in the credits-- the problem is they don't show any of the girls pictures next to their names, so half the time I don't know who I'm looking at. I can only identify some of them from previous movies they have been in.

So there was this scene with this extremely hot looking chick. She was beautiful and had an attractive body. The only thing is I can't pinpoint her name since there are no pictures next to names in the opening credits. All I know is one of the above names is that dream girl and that the scene she was in was a scene with Stella Stevens (I know her from "Office Girls".) They are both sitting in a bedroom flirting and then comes the sex.

Hopefully someone is knowledgeable and knows the female I'm talking about? If you know her please tell me her name? I want to find more lesbian DVD's involving her. Thanks.

6/20/07 12:56 am - kacieka

Click THIS link to find some really scary porn. Its alright, until you:

A) See her tits.
B) See the guy.

5/30/07 03:34 pm - tripleh_rules

3/29/07 03:54 pm - daringxstars

hahah give our vid a good rating!!!

Videoshare: Sleepover Girls Crazy Dance!!!

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