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18+ "Adult" Communities--Membership Required
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All Members
Freely promote your adult community here.

Moderator: mr_boombastic_x

This community was established due to the apparent vacuum of adult-based pormotional sites at Live Journal. Those who love to share their fascination of sex with the world may find their voices here.

Due to the sexual content of the community, membership is required. You MUST be at least 18. Your complete birthdate MUST be visible in your profile.

  • All-out promotion of your own or your favorite adult LJ communities.
    No banner is needed. Plug away!
  • Promotion of communities of sexually explicit content.
    Large or particularly graphic posts MUST be placed behind an LJ-cut.

Not Allowed:
18+, adult communities, adults, adults only, alternative, alternative lifestyles, alternative loving, alternative sex, anal play, anal sex, ass, asses, bdsm, bi, bisexual, bisexuality, bisexuals, bondage, boobs, bottoming, breasts, butts, camwhores, chat, chubby chasers, cocks, communities, community promotion, cross-dressing, crossdressing, cum, cunnilingus, cunts, dicks, dogging, dominance, dominants, domination, domming, drag, drag queens, erotic, erotic art, erotic poetry, erotica, eroticism, exhibitionism, fantasies, fantasy, felatio, fetish, fetishes, fetishism, friends with benefits, fucking, furries, furry, gay, gays, genitalia, goth sex, hedonism, hentai, homosexuality, homosexuals, horny, humiliation, humping, kink, kinky, leather, lesbian, lesbians, lifestyles, lust, masochism, masochists, master-slave, masters, masturbation, mature, mature content, men, naked, nakedness, nude models, nude photography, nudists, nudity, orgasm, pain, pansexual, pansexuality, partners, penis, pin-ups, plugging, poly, polyamorous, polyamory, polyamoury, pornography, promo, promoting communities, promotion, promotions, pussies, role play, rough sex, sadism, sadists, sadomasochism, sensual, sensuality, sex, sex communities, sex music, sex play, sex ritual, sex toys, sexploration, sexual expression, sexuality, sexually explicit content, slave-master, slaves, sluts, subbing, submission, submissives, taboo, tits, topping, torture, toys, trannies, transexuality, transexuals, transgendered, transsexuals, tranvestites, vaginas, vintage erotica, vintage sex, vulva, whaletail, whores, women