GraveROBBER (tes_aidan) wrote in _adult_lesbian,

Well I just joined. I saw this on someone's profile and I decided "Why Not?", as it is not as if I have much time to be involved with most of scene.

My name is Zoe, and I'm 21, in Las Vegas. I'm a Biology Major going for my bachelors (I started a little late) and I plan to go to Boston for Premed in 2011 at the latest. I want to be a trauma surgeon.

Uhm...not sure what else to say, lol. I'm an old English Major, so I tend to not care about grammar anymore as a way of cursing my past and the once idealistic image I had of sitting in cafe's in France with the likes of Longfellow and Stein, only to discover the most realistic route of my pursuits would land me grading bad English papers of Jr. High (or worse, High School students) for the next fifty years until my state retirement check kicked in. Huzzah for the school system!

I'm single. I have been for four years, and a lot of is due to my disrespect of so many women and what they consider "love". I have been in two serious relationships--one lasted a little over four years, and she was my first love (from the age of 11-15, yes, we did have some break ups but that is still impressive, damn it XD) and the second was 2 1/2 years. Each time I had been left for someone else, and my dating experience after "Last Ex/Fiancee" (the 2 1/2 year one), I had tried a few times, but found that everyone was fresh out of relationships and had never been single. I got sick of not being wanted, but being needed by people whom had no concept of Self outside of a "We" situation. Having already been depended on to validate the existence of another far too often, I struck out and stopped dating to stabilize myself as an individual, and make sure I was ready for the right girl.

I want to have a good paying job to take care of her if she needs it. I'm not a stud, nor even masculine. I am rather effeminate (make up, constant hair care, though I wear what's comfortable, be it feminine or just baggy shirts) and will date whoever I fall for. Masculine, feminine, whatever. So long as they're not childish.

This is turning into a huge shpeel.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello.

I'm more of the "hidden dyke" I guess XD Most people never guess about me, and a lot of that is because I never date.

Not for lack of wanting. Just because it's hard to find a woman who stands on her own as a whole, and isn't looking to fill the void left behind by their last person XD

Maybe I'm just picky LOL!

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