kim1982 (kim1982) wrote in _adult_lesbian,

What do I do?

She keeps jerking me around and I don't know what to do. Half the time she tells me she loves me and she acts like she wants to be with me. The other half she ignores me and treats me like shit. I'm tired of it. I'm done. I won't be returning her calls if they ever come and I won't be returning her texts if they ever come.

We're not together because she tells me not only is she in love with her ex but she doesn't want to be with anyone. That's fine. I can live with that. But if I'm single why can't I date other people and sleep with other people? Why does she get so pissed at me and treat me like I betrayed her for sleeping with someone else? If the situation was reversed I know she'd tell me I had no right to try and dictate her life. But when it's me she treats me like I have to answer to her.

If she wants something from me I wish she would just freaking say it. Instead she jerks me around and plays with my feelings. She tells me she loves me but the only time I see her is at night when she wants me in her bed and the rare times when I see her when I go out. That's not healthy and if it resembles anything it respebles fuck buddies and nothing more.

I'm just tired and I want out. I want to break away from her and stop seeing her and just be done with her. But how do I do that? how do I let it go when I feel so attached to her and she doesn't feel the same way? She drives me crazy and she treats me bad but if she calls me tonight I'll probably go see her. Why can't I just forget her? Why do I let her do this to me? What the hell do I do?

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