June 13th, 2005

beauty that moves

if it isn't her, it isn't here

I joined a couple weeks ago, so I guess I should introduce myself, eh? *smirk* I'm Patricia - nice to meet ya'! I'm a twenty-two year old from Utah (born and raised). I've been with my partner, Kristen, for four and a half years. We own a house together and have three puppy dogs (a St Bernard and two lab mixes). We're both currently employed as police dispatchers, but I hope to eventually become a police officer.

While going through the pictures on our computer, I realized two things - one, we have hardly any recent pictures of ourselves; two, none of the more recent pictures are of us together. But hey, I guess something is better than nothing, so here ya' go.Collapse )

And there you have it - my introduction. :o)
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