March 28th, 2005

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The results

Okay, I took everyone's answers for my little "quiz" and gee, I'm not surprised at all by who came out on top. I tallied it all up and went with the one's that got 3 and up.

There are nine people total and I'll start with the lowest first.

In no particular order.

9) Jessica Beal -3
8) Gina Gershon -3
7) Jennifer Beals -3
6) Kate Moennig -4
5) Eliza Dushku -5
4) Alyssa Mylano -5
3) Christina Aguilera -5
2) Gwen Stefani -5
And #1....

1) Angelina Jolie -9

Gee, we like them with that sexy sultry look don't we!!! Glad you guys enjoyed this.
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