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A community for ADULT lesbians!! [entries|friends|calendar]
~Community for ADULT lesbians only~

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Be Heard Be Part of Research [13 Aug 2013|10:13pm]


My name’s Rischa and I’m a queer identified womyn doing research in our community with St. John’s University. Right now I’m running a study about how LBQ womyn (trans-inclusive) react in different social situations. If you could check out my survey at www.lbqresearch.wordpress.com It would be so helpful if you could let your friends and followers know by reposting this on facebook, twitter, and blogs etc.

Remember our experiences don’t get heard unless we participate in social research.

Cheers & With Pride

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A Salute [11 Aug 2013|12:12pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

I can't really tell if anyone have posted to this community in a while but figured I'll join and say Hi. I just joined LJ to give myself a place to put my thoughts without worrying about judgement or rejections. I'm 28 from Washington state. Just looking to talk to like-minded adults and possibly make some new friends along the way.

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[16 Mar 2012|05:45pm]

Hi All,

Hi All,
My name is Rischa I’m a lesbian, doing research with our community.
I am passionate about research because professionals use studies like this one to make decisions about our health care.

I was hoping that you would want to get involved, especially by spreading the word on FB, Blogs, (real friends) Etc.

For this study, we are looking for women (trans-inclusive) 18 years of age or older, who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or questioning (LBQ). The purpose of this study is to learn about gender presentation and substance use in LBQ women.


This study had been approved by the St. John’s University IRB. Thank you for your time.

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hope this is allowed [15 Mar 2010|01:21am]


dyke_riot...A rating community.
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Irresistible tits [04 Feb 2010|07:50pm]

She wore this beautiful shear white blouse that pulled open a little
between the buttons showing off glimpses of her sexy lacey bra. I
couldn't help but notice and found myself peeking at every opportunity.
The fullness of her tits with that bounce as she took a step and those
lovely "headlights" pressed up against her blouse beckoned me to her. I
was kind of behind and to the side of her looking down at her generous
cleavage when she turned her head sharply and asked "Do you like what
you see?" in a whispered voice. I smiled embarrassed at my lack of
discretion but whispered back "Oh yes....I'd love a better view!" She
turned away and walked off towards the bathroom, her hips swaying and
those luscious titties bouncing as I followed close on her tail. She
turned as I closed the door to the handicap stall and said "Undress me."
No verbal response necessary I reached for her blouse and unbuttoned,
sitting on the toilet facing her standing before me. I was eye level
with her beautiful breasts, exposing her flesh as my mouth watered. I
got the the fourth button and pulled the top of that gauzy blouse
apart, her cleavage bulging forward as I leaned to give little butterfly
kisses over them. "More" was all she could say..."mmmmore" I
unbuttoned the last 3 and she dropped that blouse off her shoulders.
Her pretty titties framed in white lace turned me on as I licked and
kissed and sucked them getting her bra all wet. Ohhh my her hard
nipples looked so delicious thru that wet lace. I nibbled gently back
and forth, getting a little harder and rougher with them as those
nipples got rock hard. I reached around behind her and unsnapped her
bra...oh yesss She turned from me and slowly slid her straps down
teasing me as I needed to suck her flesh. Finally she moved the bra and
her hands and oh god yes-so beautiful and round and instantly my hands
and mouth are all over them. Her titties are instantly wet as I lick
and suck and kiss her soft, warm boobies. I slide my hand up her skirt
and rub that pantyhose covered pussy, damp and hot and gyrating
immediately. "Yes get me off ....oh please ...yesss suck my nipples oh
you feel so good." Needless to say my own pussy was soaked as I stroked
hers. And easily her beautiful, responsive body arched and shivered as
I sucked both her hard nipples at once and rubbed her horny pussy. She
moaned loudly (we both forgot we were in a office restroom) as I
finished her off with my fingers on her clit rubbing against those
soaking wet pantyhose. I licked up and down the valley between her
generous titties as she kinda pushed them at me rubbing them all over my
face as she slowed her hips. I looked up to see her smile her breathing
almost back to normal as she said "I want more later."

more at my lesbian dating blog
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Newbie [19 Jan 2010|04:37pm]

[ mood | busy ]


I'm Karla, I'm 25 and from Colorado and here to make friends. It's kinda hard for me to find other lesbians in my area since I live in a very small towns so here I am,lol 

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Aloha! [20 May 2008|06:20pm]

Just thought I would say hi. I'm new here. I'm 36 and from Hawai`i.
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[20 May 2008|09:27am]

Well I just joined. I saw this on someone's profile and I decided "Why Not?", as it is not as if I have much time to be involved with most of scene.

My name is Zoe, and I'm 21, in Las Vegas. I'm a Biology Major going for my bachelors (I started a little late) and I plan to go to Boston for Premed in 2011 at the latest. I want to be a trauma surgeon.

Bit of a terribly long intro under the cut ^.^Collapse )
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[28 Mar 2008|08:26pm]

 Hey, I just joined and I thought I'd say hey.
I'm 20, and currently single & I'm from Canada...I'm in University.
I'm currently obsessed with the film "Heavenly Creatures" and I don't really know what else to write right now!
nice to meet you all :).
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Feel Like An Even Bigger Idiot [21 Jun 2007|09:45am]

So I just recently found out that Heather is going out with someone else. Yeah all ready...we just broke up last Monday. She says that nothing was going on while we were together so I have no choice but to believe her. Mostly I am mad because she made me believe that breaking up with me was so hard for her and she was off getting with some other chick. I was really shocked and very hurt by it.

At first I was crushed. This along with other crap in my life really got me down. So much so I was thinking seriously about killing myself. Now I think the shock has worn off and I am okay with it all. I'm trying to be her friend but she is making it very hard for me. Everything I do or say, she takes offense to. I kind of feel that she is doing that because she doesn't really want to be my friend. I don't know.

I have been talking to Layken a lot and all she wants to do is be thare for me through this mess. She constantly asks me to let her comfort me. So today I said, "Why the hell not let her come over and be there for me?" So she is here and it is really nice to have someone here in my space as oppose to over the phone. If only I could feel for her the way I feel for Heather because she is the ideal girlfriend. I mean I love her a lot but I am not in love with her. Who knows what will happen there. I'll keep you posted.
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Boy Do I Feel Like An Idiot [13 Jun 2007|09:02am]

[ mood | depressed ]

So Heather dumped me :( I broke off my engagement with Layken for her and was going to move to England just to be with her and...she dumped me. This is the first time that I have ever felt this strongly for anyone. I knew I was falling in love with her the first time we spoke. She said that she felt the same at first. Now she says that she is not sure that she is in love with me.

She also says that she can't trust me. She said that we can be friends but why would you want to be friends with someone you don't trust, someone that you suspect may be lying about everything. That's what she said when I asked if she believed I am who I say I am. She says that she has issues with trust. Well I know she does and I do too. Well apparently me kissing Layken and lying about my height are grounds for dismissal with her.

Yes I did those things but what she doesn't realize is everything I did for us, our relationship. I gave her my all. I didn't hold anything back. You can ask my best friend Lucy that is something I do not do. But I was so sure about the way I felt for her and thought she felt the same for me. So I went for it. NEVER AGAIN guys I tell you. NO ONE WILL EVER GET INSIDE MY HEART AGAIN!

About Layken, she was happy of course to hear the news about me and Heather. She immediately asked about us getting back together. I told her no because I am still in love with Heather. Like I said earlier I gave my all to Heather. I have nothing left to give to another relationship. And since I know what it feels like to be completely in love. I won't settle for anything less. So you see I can't go back to Layken. That would be settling.

What do I feel? I feel like someone has literally stomped on my heart. My heart hurts. I mean I am having bad chest pains. I am really sad and depressed. I am angry at myself because I feel that it is over because I didn't do enough or didn't do something right. Because this has happened to me before with Lucy (the other person not feeling the same anymore).

Anyway, I have decided that I am not going to be destructive this time (no alcohol, no coke, no burning myself, no ex-therapist, and no whoring around.) I am going to actually deal with this pain even though it hurts tremendously.

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[23 May 2007|01:39pm]


This is my attempt at introducing myself: I am a 29 year old lesbian who is working on her masters degree in library science. Museum curator is what that means for me. I have had an LJ account for awhile, but I am really bored with the content I see and am sincerely looking for a few odd balls to play with. Anyway………ask me questions, ask to be added, give me a new song to listen to, tell me to fuck off………

In the nude  is my mantra so sometimes I may post some nakedness or a dapple of random verse that may be a bit explicit ……….anyway…….

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Here Come the BrideS............. [21 May 2007|09:37pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey all....
i am extremely thrilled to be planning a wedding with my deliciously adorable girlfriend- with our date being Sept6, 2008.. however when i went to find an lj community to chitchat about our wedding plans- i discovered that there were none for same sex weddings. There were plenty of them for same sex marriage but none for weddings.

so- i just went and created my own....
i hope that this isn't inappropriate but i wanted to invite anyone interested to samesexwedding....

now- it's geared towards planning and sharing glbtq weddings- but is also for any and all celebrations and ceremonies like poly unions or any alternative weddings....

feel free to check it out or join or lurk- or pass it on to anyone that might be interested in a place to come and share or gush about their weddings. or if you have had a union and wanted to share or give advice or anything related, we'd love to have you.

it' sure to be slow at first, but i hoping enough people open up and enjoy the chance to openly chitchat about their special days....

feel free to contact me if you want! i look forward to sharing with you!

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I's Getting Married [18 May 2007|11:06am]

So I proposed 2 Layken and she said yes. The date is not set but it will be a long engagement. And u all r invited. I'll keep u posted.
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Bouncing Back [13 May 2007|01:36pm]

So I had a really bad day Friday. I was really depressed for the first time in a while. I was really missing my girlfriend that passed away and there were other things really bringing me down. But I bounced back quick. Yesterday was a better day. We went on a picnic. It was fun and it was so beautiful outside. Later that day I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Her sister and my best friend came over and we watched movies. Just a relaxing great day.

I have been ring shopping for Layken this weekend. Yes I think I am ready to marry her. I said I think now. We'll see. I was so sure and then yesterday I started to get really scared because for the first time I am going all out and she could just crush my heart. So I don't know if the time is right. All I know is that I want her to know that I don't want to be with anyone else and that I am all hers.

Today has been even better than yesterday. Things have been really good between us except for this morning when she heard me talking to Lucy and misunderstood the conversation but we got that all straightened out. She got mad and pouted and then we got to make up :)

I didn't go to church today. I feel like such a bad person because I didn't go last Sunday either and I have no good reason why. I just didn't feel like it. I also haven't been going to bible study. Now this is no reflection of how I feel about God because I still have a great relationship with him and believe in him whole heartedly. But it still makes me feel bad about myself when I don't go.

To all the mom's out there Happy Mother's Day
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Out the other side [09 May 2007|10:06am]

Well i had my surgery last thursay. I can't believe it's been almost a week already. I got out of the hospital on monday and I'm now staying with my parents. It sucks to have to be dependent but its necessary. I know my family is doing it because they care about me and are worried about me. I guess I just hate needing help. It rubs me wrong.

But I can walk if not very far and I can do a lot myself. I just have to rest a lot and sleep a lot and take lots of medication. But I'll consider this my long needed break. I don't have to go to work or school and my mother is gladly watching my son. I'll take my time and recover it'll be for the best in the long run.
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People Are Crazy [05 May 2007|01:29pm]

So about that friend that I told you about that may or may not be my friend anymore. Well, I have been contacting her and apologizing for what I have no fucking clue. I was just apologizing because I wanted us to be friends again. I would send little messages every now and then saying "I want my friend back" and stuff like that. Well she is graduating from college today and I emailed her and told her I had a gift for her. Now everyone knows I do passion/sex parties so I get the toys like cheap. She had mention she needed a toy. So I ordered her one for a grad gift. She turned it all around like I am fascinated with her and said that her girlfriend would be calling me. She is full of shit. The only thing I did was try to be a good friend to her. So I emailed her back and told her that her girlfriend is free to call me anytime because I didn't do anything.

Now I am thinking how I could have wasted my time on someone that is so tacky. She just totally cut me off. She screamed and cursed me and hung up on me. Then she wouldn't return my calls. Who treats people like that? Especially people who have been nothing but a good friend to them. Anyway, I have been holding on I guess in hopes that she would change her mind but now she has gone too far. And I am through being nice and letting her walk all over me. I have friends that really care about me and would never treat me like she has. So why was I stressing over her. I guess because she and I had so much in common with the disorders. But shit it's not worth all the bullshit she put me through. My therapist reminded me of a time when I behaved just like her and said it is all part of the disorder. Whatever it is. It is over.
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RedjMusic_BMI newsletter [05 May 2007|10:09am]

[ mood | busy ]

     Welcome Redjmusic_BMI

Feel free to friend this journal...it's now the home of my online music journal.

I was a writer for Graveconcernsezine for some yrs and it's time I go out on my own.

I started my record label in 1994.

Spring edition coming in the next wk!!!

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Layken and I are together [01 May 2007|02:30pm]

This bronchial pneumonia is kicking my ass. My chest hurts so bad and I am really weak. There are no other symptoms but those are enough. I am taking Thursday and Friday off work this week and I don't work on Saturday and Sunday. I need to rest a few days because I am not getting any better. I start working 3rd shift on Monday midnight - 8am M-F. That's going to take some getting used to.

Layken and I are together. She just told me that she was really hurt that I cheated but she knows that I have been working hard to do right by her. She says that she believes that I haven't cheated since and will not cheat again. I told her that I wanted to be with her and only her which I hadn't been able to say in the past and that I want to marry her and grow old with her. She says that she is very scared that I will hurt her again but it is a risk she has to take. I told her and I am telling you I WILL NOT HURT HER AGAIN.

So everything is good :) except my health :(
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I'm sick [29 Apr 2007|03:39pm]

So I am sick again with pneumonia. I feel like crap and the only thing I can do is take my antibiotics and rest. Well I am taking my antibiotics but not resting so much as I am working because I just started my job not too long ago and just can't miss.

Anyway, Layken and I are not doing so well as I told her about my being unfaithful about 3 months ago. She point blank asked and so I told her as I am tring to be completely honest with her now. She is upset and I can understand why but does this mistake cancel out everything I have been doing since.

Anyway, I will deal with that and talk about it more when I have more energy.
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