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Geek Testers of Love

Geeks Need Lovin' Too

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I am no mere dork, I am ADORKABLE.

This is a community for dorks, geeks, dweebs, nerds, and Pointdexters. This is a community to spread some geek love around the world. Join if you are a geek who is attracted to other geeks and answer the following question:

Biggest Geek Crush:
Biggest Geek Claim to Fame:
The Thing Your Friends Wish You Didn't Talk About:
Favorite British Series:
Favorite Comic Book/LOTR Character:
Chloe or Lana:
...we really don't want to count Saved By the Bell's Screech, do we:
Using the periodic table of elements, my initials stand for:
Favorite Mad Parody:
Favorite Princess Bride/Monty Python/Mel Brooks Quote: