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Adobe Junkies!

For the lovers of all things Adobe...

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Adobe Junkies
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Meet your mod:


The Rules:

*You do NOT have to know how to use Adobe programs to join! We welcome everyone!*

1. All artists are welcome here, from any age and any level. Making fun of another artists work will result in a warning, then a ban, if it happens again.
2. We ask that pictures bigger than 500x500 pixels be put behind an lj-cut. It's just a courtesy thing. We won't ban you for not using an lj-cut, but you will be asked only once to put it behind a cut. If you do not, we will remove the post and you will have to post it again.
3. If you can't handle critisizm, then this is not the place for you. No one's going to be rude and tell you your work sucks, but some people will tell you what they think might be done to make your work better. If you can't handle the critiszm, please don't bother joining. We don't want whiners.
4. If the original artwork isn't yours, say so. We know sometimes you use images and you forget where you found them. Just say, "This is my photo manip, but not my artwork", or something to that effect, or, post a link to where you found the image, so the rightful artist gets their credit.
5. We don't require anyone to promote our community, but if you would like to, oddgrrlout has made some at the bottom of the info page that you can use to help us out!

If you're looking for a specific tutorial that may have already been posted, please check this journal's memories entries before asking the community. Thanks!

Upon joining our little community, please also fill out this intro survey, so we know who you are!

We no longer ask you to actually fill out the survey, it is optional. :)

Your name:
Tell us something unique about you:
Favorite editing program:
Favorite art style:
Experience level: (Beginner, Moderate, Professional)
Website URL (if any):
Any other details you would like to add:

Please help promote our community!

If you need to post an image, but have nowhere to upload it, you can get a totally FREE account with http://www.photobucket.com to host your images :)



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