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I JUST downloaded Adobe Photoshop. I'm looking for a tutorial to help with the very basics like changing a picture into a 100x100 icon without the picture looking stretched and contorted.

Help please!

**If this cannot be posted here, I do apoloigize. Please delete if need be.**

i was wondering if anyone would like to take a last minute project?? i have tried to help my sister with something but the truth is i am not photoshop savvy and my creativity is just shot to hell right now.

she has an assignment, a mock advertising project that needs to be completed by Tuesday. She knows what she wants she just cant implement it.

so if someone would be so kind as to help me i would greatly appreciate your efforts. Below i have written what she is looking for and what direction she needs to take.

This is for the womans version of Axe. It needs to be transformed in something seductive, sexy, sensual and attractive for women.

It needs to be dark but it needs to incorporate colors such as hot pink or firey red or calming blue.

the bottle needs to read "AXEY" instead of AXE.

The caption also needs to read:
"It's not a body spray. It's not a perfume. It's Axey"

In the cut are two photos. One is a pic of several axe bottles that have a couple of colors that can be mimicked. The other is a lone bottle that can be used for the ad.

Thank you all so very much!!!!

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