[- Theater Des Vampires-]

Come out come out wherever you are...

[-Theater Des Vampires-]
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Welcome my immortals to the boulevard du Temple
You have sought solace from the grievances of eternal lonliness...and we have heard you
And now you are here, you have found the way to your infinite home...

The Theater of Vampires

Now come in with us, rule the stage and dazzle the mortal world with us
The Undead can live when you are here, join us, end your suffering

You are here for the grand sabbat
But i pity you, your lot
You can't resist the lords of the night
They have no mercy on your plight
In your fear they take delight
Yet in love we will take you
And in rapture we'll break you
And in death we'll release you

No one can say...You were not warned