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I forgot it would be best to mention that we will be keeping all the characters pre-Lestat visiting the US. So before the fame, before Louis, Claudia and Jesse.

Louis might be alowed if we could find a truly miraculous Louis like the one we recently lost.

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Dearest Request-es.

So sorry I am for keeping you so long, troubles in paradise you see. However, I am officially back and though I know this is asking alot, I would love for you to be able to submit a form for us if you are indeed interested in joing our family's rp.

I need:

Your name:
Lj Account, new account:(you will need a character-specific username)
Character Request:
How often you would be able to participate:
Sample: (around three paragraphs, in detail and please have it in character).

once we have the essentials, then we can all decide how we would like to form this rp.

i understand there was an armand and marius request which is excellent. I hope for more.

please submit the form and we can soon let the mysticism unfold...

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I'm sorry if any of you have misinformed, but this Community will be starting soon as we finally receive more role players. For all of you who were not aware, this is indeed a role play community and I'm sorry we weren't more specific about that. So let me know which character you would be interested in, or leave the community so you don't get involved in something you are not signed up for.
Lestat and Magnus are taken, talented and experienced role players and writers will be accepted upon application, we're not picky but we do look for substance and quality.

love always

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welcome my immortal companions, we are currently under construction at the moment. feel free request entry to our family. and you shall be notified as soon as possible about your acceptance and we'll notify you as soon as the theater has opened......