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Omnipotence. Gotta get me some of that.

Name: Katie
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: Minnesota
Sexuality: Straight
Picture: Have one. Go here: http://jeffhardyzangel1.freeservers.com/KatiesSite/K1.html to see it. It's on the friends page.

Why are you unique?: I dunno. I never thought about why I am unique. I think I'm just a regular person. I don't conform, not a trend follower, and I'm not influenced by the media. I guess that makes me somewhat unique.
Why are you barbed?: why are any of us barbed?
Why should we accept you?: Because I am Katie, an opinioned, angry, fat chick who uses words instead of fists to hurt people.

What is your opinion on...
Britany Spears - Hate with a passion. Can't sing or act. When she does sing, it's lip syncing (what a puss!), and when she does act, it's grotesque. Also made a mockery of marriage because she wanted to be on the front page of every newspaper.
Vegetarians/Vegans - Cannot stand the vegans that say "You're going to hell because you meat" or "You're not a real animal lover because you eat meat" or "You support horse slaughter and horse abuse because you watch racing" Personally, I think vegans are basketcases who cannot handle reality.
Racism - It's bad, but also played out. Sure it's there, but do we have to be reminded of it all the time?
Animal Abuse - Not cool. People who abuse animals are weak, pathetic losers.
Abortion - Kind of middle of the road. If you were I dunno let's say raped by your brother or dad, then I can see aborting the child. If you were irresponsible and didn't use protection during sex, well you have no right to kill that baby. It was your descion not to use a condom or The Pill, you know the consequences, so why should I sympathize with you? And why should you kill the child? Then there's the argument, "Well it's my body." Sure it's your body, but you should have been a responsible adult.
Marriage - Good times I guess.
Sex - Good times! Use protection kids! Don't be pressured into doing it either.
Labels/Cliches - Annoying and overused.

Name your three favorite (and explain why)
Bands: The Monkees, The Beatles, and Queen because I can just relax and zone out whilst listening to them. The lyrical content is another reason why I like each. Mike, John, George, Paul, Ringo, & Freddy were genious song writers.

Movies: Toy Story, Seabiscuit, and Back to the Future because I like animation, I like underdog stories, and I like the 80's feel.

Actors: Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, & that Dominique kid who played a hobbit in LOTR because they are all so damn fine and make good movies most of the time.

Actresses: Salma Hayek, Anna Paquin, & Lindsey Lohan. Like Selma because she was brilliant in Frida and played the part so well. I also like her cute Mexican accent. The other two, I dunno why I like them.

Foods: Grilled teak, buffalo chicken pizza, & raspberrys because steak, especially grilled, is so tasty! The juices! Buff chix pizza because it's a party in my mouth, and raspberrys because they are just so good and sweet and succulent.

Stores: Target, Wal-Mart, & Hot Topic because all three places have decent clothing. Hot Topic has rad clothing!

What is your definition of unique?: Not following the latest Hollywood trends
A young child annoys you. How do you react?: Well, if it's a toddler I would ignore him or her. If it's a tween, well then thier ass will get yelled at by yours truely.
What would you tell a suicidal friend?: Wow. I would probably give them reasons not to kill themselves. I have never, ever been in that type of situation so I don't know what else I would do.

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