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Name: Selenia Llune Arcani
Age: In years?
Gender: not a dude
Location: Ohio
Sexuality: straight
Picture: Of what?

-<|>- Why are you unique?: I dunno. I don't fit into labels(and, contrary to popular belief I don't belong to the utter loser label either)

-<|>- Why are you barbed?: I am barbed because I ran out of sheetmetal and duct tape.

-<|>- Why should we accept you?: You should accept me because... (see above, then see below,I know you can't resist)

What is your opinion on...
-<|>- Britany Spears: Whore. Airbrushed whore whose singing sounds like nine cats with sore throats ( as opposed to like a dead cat, to my dissapointment)And it's Britney, not Britany.

-<|>- Vegetarians/Vegans: Fine. You wanna eat veggies? Eat veggies. I don't care.

-<|>- Racism: Pointless. Race doesn't make a difference in quality of character.Let's leave it at that.

-<|>- Animal Abuse: Animals feel as much pain as you do. How'd you like to kicked around and shoved into sacks?

-<|>-Abortion: If we outlaw abortion, people will do it anyway, but with a dirty coat hanger or something, get infected and die. USA is overpopulated already - why push the situation? Besides, if horny asses would stop sticking their, um, pardon me, cocks into everything, we wouldn't have this problem.

-<|>-Marriage: Gay marriage should be allowed because gay peple hadn't destroyed marriage. Besides, if gays marry, that means they will be settled down, which should make conservatives happy.

-<|>-Sex: Society is definetely too obsessed with it. That's why we have the issues of overpopulation,abortion, and divorce. People now often relate to those around them in terms of sex. But otherwise, if we don't let it control our lives, I don't see harm.
-<|>-Labels/Cliches: Sometimes, but not to the point of disecting. And cliches seem almost unavoidable nowadays.

Name: your three favorite (and explain why)
Bands: Metalica, Probot, Alice In Chains ( good rhythm)
Movies: Amelie ( magical), Butterfly Effect ( genius), Aviator ( good documentary of fascinating person)
Actors: Hollywood is spurious.
Actresses: See above.
Foods: I detest eating.
Stores: I fricking hate it when people ask stupid questions. What difference does it make if a sweater is from WalMart or some boutique?

-<|>-What is your definition of unique?: My definition of unique is original, not fitting a label.
-<|>-A young child annoys you. How do you react?: I would escape if I can!
-<|>-What would you tell a suicidal friend?: I would tell them that suicide isn't worth it because something good might happen that could make them happy, but they won't be able to experience it because they'll be dead.

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