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Werd to yer Mother...

Application :

Name: Suzanne
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Location: Hillsboro, Oregon
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Why are you unique?: Because I am just like all those unique people! No...I'm unique because I don't follow dress codes. I don't have a social group, I'm not a punk, I'm not a prep. I'm one of those people you know of/hate/don't care about/or like.
Why are you barbed?: I'm good at pissing people off...and I'm a fast thinker, and that pisses people off. [[can I help the fact when someone is trying to diss me their head is so far up their ass they can't keep up?]]
Why should we accept you?: Well, give me a good reason why you shouldn't, and then I'll argue my point.

What is your opinion on...
Britany Spears: When I need someone to tell me how to dress, how skinny I need to be, and how big my boobs should be, I'll call her. She doesn't even sing live, if I wanted to see her in concert I could just pop a CD in an listen to it. That right there is the opposite of talent.
Vegetarians/Vegans: More power to you, I still love my cow.
Racism: Hmmm...I can be racist occasionally. Not in a bad way, but I feel that caucasians are blamed for everything, when some hispanic or black dude can use the excuse that they are a minority for things. You can't help but be racist when you've got hispanics getting free food and cars when your dad has to work to support a family of 3. Racism to the extreme [[skinheads, nazi's]] That's just stupid. We're all human, move on no one gives a fuck that you think white folks are superior. They aren't.
Animal Abuse: There aren't enough laws preventing it.
Abortion: I was pro choice until I found out they aren't killing fetuses, they kill 4 month old babies. That's nasty, I've seen pictures, it's bad. I only agree with it if the baby is highrisk, or the mother is highrisk, or if you got raped.
Marriage: I think it's a good tradition, and I think homosexuals should be let in on the fun too^^
Sex: Stupid unless you're prepared. It's an adult situation, if you can't buy your own birth control, then you aren't ready. I don't believe in sex before marriage, just because I think it's special to abstain. But I think, if you're prepared, go for it, just don't kill your kid because you screwed up.
Labels/Cliches: Stupid. Just a flock of sheep in different colored clothing. We can't get away from them, I just try and avoid it all together. Personally the only Label I think exists is "prep" goths/punks say they aren't conforming, but they are conforming to nonconformity.

Name your three favorite (and explain why)
Bands - Bon Jovi: I love 80's party rock, sue me. ColdPlay - It's soothing, good music with good lyrics. Blink 182 - Their newest CD is good Emo music. I like anything as long as it's rock, some country is okay too.
Movies - Pirates of the Caribbean - I love the fight scenes, and the comedy. Lord of the Rings - not a fan of fantasy, but I fell in love with the elf, and then the story line. Edward Scissor hands - I feel the message is good, you should accept people for who they are. Bruce Almighty - Just simply funny, I want to be god. Love Actually- Funniest damned movie ever, british flicks rock.
Actors - Orlando Bloom: I don't know...mild infatuation, he's an okay actor, Ashton Kutcher - He's so dang funny! John Cusack - He's an exceptional actor, he can be funny, romantic, and serious.
Actresses - Charlize Theron - In everything I've seen she's been wonderful, and from the clips I saw of Monster it seems like she's just as good an actress as Johnny Depp is an actor.
Foods - Baja Fresh burritos...Sushi.
Stores - Torrid - The have stuff for bigger girls... Western Outfitters - They carry wrangler jeans and western apparel. The prices are nice too.

What is your definition of unique?: Someone, just like everyone else, but with a hint of themselves added in. Like... someone who can be like everyone else, but still stand out. Even if it means they have to run in screaming like a monkey, that's unique :-p
A young child annoys you. How do you react?: Depends how cute they were and how old. If they were 10-14 I'd give them a piece of my mind, other than that I just try to remember, they're just kids. I was dumb once too.
What would you tell a suicidal friend?: Not to give up, that death isn't the answer. I'd send them to get some therapy and explain that killing yourself is selfish, and a stupid way to solves things. Tell them their good points and why I need them around. [[this actually happened...and yeah she's still alive]] Probably just sit and let them rant and say 'fuck the world' a million times.

Any typos...sue me...I'll give you my lawyers number.


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