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Hello, all. My name is Sam. I'm 18, and am trying to find my defining moment. I'm an education and photo major. I'm pr'simple; I like music, movies, photography, video games, books, friends, etc. I've been told I have a "bro personality". I'm very sarcastic, witty, and have a dry sense of humor. I appreciate open-minded, creative, passionate, and understanding people. I enjoy saving money, and movies that make me squirm. I want to spend my summers snowboarding in Utah. I love watching hockey, playing cards, watchin' 'Scrubs', and reading Chuck Palahniuk books. I also love Guitar Hero, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I was born and raised in Germany, but currently reside in good ol' Florida. By the time I was in the fourth grade, I had been in 6 different schools. I love listening, debating, and conversing. I read and comment all the time, and would love more who do the same.

If you would, in fact like to add me, and it's not too much trouble, please comment this entry, so that I could keep track of things. I would really like to meet/talk to more people. :)


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i engage in cuts cuz people do not live up to their word. they see my posts, agree with the criteria, and do not stay true. and they pretty much do not share any interests with me.

i am not gonna list my interests since that is a purpose of a profile. however, i will list facts in which my profile will not tell you.

also, my journal is locked which means you need to comment me so i can let you in. only by reading along will you gain a opinion of me and knowledge you didn't see elsewhere.

you may be asking yourself 'why is she looking for friends if she has 78?!' well, they don't all post. i keep them on here cuz i know these people in person. so i have maybe 30 people who post on a regular basis.

- call her Dee [short for Dina].
- 25 y/o femme residing in northern NJ.
- classifies as bisexual. however, i have only been with men. i was told i am in fact bisexual cuz i am attracted to femmes.
- 100% italian.
- completely smitten with an Arthur. tho i am quite happy single.
- has a genetic disorder which confines her to a wheelchair.
- graduating college in 5 months.
- gore whore.
- curses like a sailor.
- an atheist.
- on LJ alot since she is currently unemployed and out of school until the fall.
- comments when there is something to be said.
- writes of things going on inside my head, not daily activities.
- has a passion for babies and toddlers.
- future preschool teacher/daycare worker.
- tired of people seeing my posts in here, request to be added, and have an inactive journal. 'sup with that?! do not add me if you have a dead journal! what do you not understand?
- appeals to dark minds.
- currently on a journey to RE-discover herself.
- thinks outside the box.
- recently got a grip on who exactly she is and embraced it.
- deathly afraid of cats.
- so NOT a harry potter, fanfiction, or anime fan. i cringe at the thought of each!

don't add me if:
- you don't update weekly.
- you don't know how to spell/punctuate properly. 'cuz' is an exception as i use it myself.
- you don't intend to get to know me personally rather than 'just another username' on your list. myspace me to talk directly. very important!
- looking for a comment whore. i'm not a comment whore myself.
- you judge books by their covers. i may be on wheels but i'm badass!
- you post mundane bullshit. share your life with me cuz i am sharing mine with you. yes, memes and such are fine oncee in a while.
- you are racist or homophobic.

i assure you, i am not as harsh as this post may sound. we'll get along well if you follow my criteria.

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I’m Ansku, almost 19 years old girl and I'm living in Finland but as said home is where heart is and mine is in United Kingdom and Germany. Travelling is the way of life for me, I'm on the road whenever I have a chance.
I live for music, I like rocking out by myself and in a crowd. I listen to pretty much all kinds of music, but nearest to my heart are Linkin Park, Anti-Flag and Placebo. From others I could mention Amy Winehouse, Bloc Party, All That Remains, Snow Patrol, The Distillers, We Are Scientists, Killswitch Engage, The Sounds and The Unseen.
I like crazy experiments and random outings. I enjoy gigs, photographing, fashion, philosophy, dancing, politics, movies, intellectual conversations and art. I'm interested of history, russian literature, different culturies, languages and meeting new people.
I’m looking for new friends and journals to read. If you want to add, comment here to my new LJ, but please don't add me first.

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I just made a new livejournal and would like to have some new friends and journals to read.
I'm Ansku, almost 19 years young girl from Finland. I'm still stuck in here, but as said home is where heart is and mine is in United Kingdom and Germany.
I'm also planning to continue my studies in one of those countries next spring.
I live for music, I like rocking out by myself and in a crowd. I love music in general, I listen to almost all kinds of music, but my favorites are Placebo, Anti-Flag and Linkin Park.
Travelling is the way of life for me, I'm on the road whenever I have a chance. I like crazy experiments and random outings. I enjoy gigs, photographing, art, dancing, writing, reading russian literature and history, watching movies. I'm interested of different culturies, languages and meeting new people.

If you want to add me, comment to my new journal

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Add Me?
Yes, quite desperate.

I'm Jessie. It's a quite girly name so you know that you should use she/her/etc.
You can sue me for being a comment whore. Well, I post more comments than I receive; that's what I mean.
That doesn't mean that I don't want comments either. D=
Don't worry, my journal isn't that boring.
It can be just a bit too short or a bit too long sometimes.

What I really just want are a few people's journals to read.
My most recent entry's public anyway but I'd like the add. =D

I like narratives, photography, well-written stuff and music.
I'm a lurker not a stalker.
I have this weird unhealthy obsession right now with webcomics.
I still have not cleaned my room.

I don't act my age.
Guess my age.

Oh and yes, add me? =D

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name: kim.
internet alias: kim kim cahoo.
age: 21.
location: tx.
interests: makeup, fashion, music(a vast range), vitamin water, hot wings, juicy couture, purses, shoes, dvds!!
current obsession:
Win Free Prizes

about me: hi, i'm kim! heh. first off, let me address that you may see this cross posted to several communities because i am on the search for some rockin' lj-friends. this is my newest journal. my old one is letsd0somelivin, but i got bored with that one. i like winning free stuff, which is why i've posted a button above about my current obsession, winzy. (a little off topic, but if you click that button and join, then we will be linked as friends and basically it works this way = if you win something, then i win it, too. and if i win something, then you get it as well! and yes, it is legit.) umm, i just got married to my high school sweetheart this past february, and prior to that we had our first baby in mid-january. my little boy rocks. i'd like to consider myself an amazing, unique mother so ode to that!
looking for: lj friends of all kind! i like the ones that comment, i like the ones that have entertaining posts, and it's always a plus if we have the same interests! & young parents like myself that have some styleeee!

add me.

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Fawn - 17 - Female - Canadian - 5'4

I enjoy reading, crime dramas, writing (lyrics, stories, poems), psychology, chasing seagulls, climbing trees and scrapping my knees. I love peanut butter and rootbeer and nothing beats Gummi Bear porn; yes, it is an addiction I hope this won't come between us!

I'm pretty laid back, but I have my off days and those rough patches where life doesn't treat me right, but I'm sure everyone can relate to this. In general I'm very caring, compassionate and understanding. I grow attached to people rather easily and can become rather protective of those people. I'm that friend who is standing there with open arms when the world shuts you out. It's hard to get 'in' but once you're in don't abuse the privilege but once you're out it's hard to get back in. Despite that, I am typically forgiving and give everyone a chance no matter who they are or what they've done. I try to treat others the way I'd like to be treated and I'm not the kind of person to hate someone who 'lies' or 'cheats' because it would be hypocritical, we all lie and we all do bad stuff like cheating. I won't hold it against anyone for being human.

I Love making new friends and getting to know people on a personal level. I may not open up easily but I'm always willing to. I comment and update when I can. There may be times where I'm tied up with other things if that isn't a problem, feel free to add me, I usually add people back. Just comment on my FO entry or here if you'd like.

<3 <3 <3

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I'm Ansku and 18 years young. I am complicated. My heart cancels out my brain and I'm left with limbs. I'm political. I live for music, I like rocking out by myself and in a crowd. I love pretty much all kinds of music, I like to keep my mind open to everything. But I could still mention some bands like Anti-Flag, Killswitch Engage, Snow Patrol, Atreyu, Madsen, Silverstein and Senses Fail.
Travelling is the way of life for me, I'm on the road whenever I have a chance. Although I live in Finland is Germany's Hamburg more home to me. I travel there on my every holiday, I've got the coolest friends there and I'm also planning to move there in one year when I graduate from high school to study sociology and political science.
I like crazy experiments and random outings. I enjoy gigs, festivals, photographing, movie marathons, writing and parties. I'm interested of history, philosophy, different culturies, languages and meeting new people.
I'd like to get new friends and LJs to read so feel free to add me. But comment first, here or to my journal.

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Hi Im Bri. Im 16 years old and i live in California. Im a cheerleader, and im on a swim team. I love making new livejournal friends. I love shopping, eating-out, watching tv, and just hanging out with my friends and boyfriend. (: Most of my journal, is about my hectic highschool life, and all the drama and crap its filled with. Im not fake in my journal, and i expect you to be to be real in yours too. i mean thats what a journals for right?
IM A FANGIRL. i love squeeling about my fandoms. My fandoms include; Veronica Mars, LOST, Greys Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Big Brother 7, Ugly Betty, House and much more. I love ALL TYPES OF MUSIC. From ' My chemical Romance' to 'Britney Spears' XD I update often and i love commenting. Im rarely on hiatus, and if i am, its usally not for a long while. My livejournal is currently friends only. but if you wanna be friends...just comment, to be CONSIDERED. most probably you will be added. i wont add you, if you intimedate me, or i just dont like you. If your a bitch, ill be a bitch. it works out FINE right? right. most probably, i wont bother fighting with you, because, lets face drama is weak.

So, my journals FIRENDS ONLY. I guess you know the drill; comment&add me. I'll add you back. yadda yadda. =) I try to update as much as i can. I also try to comment :) If you comment on my journal can expect me to comment yours alot too :)